Why People Hate 'Emily In Paris'?


In 2020, Netflix unveiled a plethora of content in their ever expanding genre catalog. In their comedy-drama section, the OTT platform released 'Emily In Paris' starring Lily Collins.

'Emily In Paris' is a story of a young girl from Chicago, Emily Cooper, who flies over the Atlantic Ocean to be in Paris for a job. What await are personal challenges and a major culture shock.

Lily Collins has donned the co-producer's hat and Darren Star of 'Sex And the City' is helming the comedy drama.

The show may look dazzling, but it has perpetuated the cliches regarding Parisians and other nationalities in a derogatory manner and lacks representation.

It seems that Star did not learn the lesson with the exclusionary Sarah Jessica Parker-starrer 'Sex And the City'. Like the show, 'Emily In Paris' also lacks diversity.

The makers included a Ukrainian character Petra, but she fell in the trap of caricature and misrepresentation. They showed as a kleptomaniac and an egoistic woman. This was on the heels of the Russian invasion.

Another controversy was regarding Golden Globe Awards 2021, where the awards neglected other critically acclaimed series like 'I May Destroy You' and 'Insecure'. 

Lily Collins defended her 'bubbly' character and the show saying those are beautiful qualities that Emily possesses and she was disheartened with people's reaction to the portrayal.

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