Why Prince Harry And Meghan Markle May Skip King Charles' Coronation?


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been utilizing their multiple media deals.

The couple made headlines with their two part docu series 'Harry & Meghan' on Netflix in December 2022 due to some intimate details about their relationship and dynamic with the Royal Family

Now, Prince Harry has released his bombshell, tell-all memoir 'Spare', in which he has detailed behind-the-scene drama of the Royal Family and his dwindled relationship with brother and father, King Charles III

King Charles III became the heir of the British throne post the death of Queen Elizabeth II. His coronation ceremony will be held on May 6th, 2023 at Westminster Abbey

However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may not be present for the Royal ceremony

As per an Insider, the Royal Family do not want the private conversations at the coronation make it in the paperback version of 'Spare'.

A source told The Independent that they will be sent an invitation, but the King expects that they should not be present at the coronation. The family wants the couple to find a reason to skip the ceremony

Prince Harry, during the '60 Minutes' interview,  gave a cryptic answer when asked whether he will attend the coronation ceremony. But, more than the ceremony, he was focused on a conversation and apology

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