Will Elon Musk Sell Twitter Usernames For Revenue?

Nishant Bhise

Elon Musk has been facing a financial crunch since completing the Twitter deal in October 2022

When he acquired the platform, many of the advertisers pulled out their advertisements due to pressure from the activists.

Due to loss of a revenue stream, it was difficult to handle the finances of the workforce, so he fired more than half of the global workforce at Twitter

He even introduced a monthly subscription plan for the blue check marks along with some exclusive features

In November 2022, the billionaire announced that he will delete 1.5 billion inactive accounts on Twitter with no tweets and log-in for years

Now, as per the sources, Elon Musk will be auctioning certain usernames to create new stream of revenue. The idea cam up in December 2022.

The Engineers at Twitter said that there will be bidding for usernames, which have words , numbers, or characters after the @sign

Currently, Elon Musk is inundated with lawsuits from Tesla shareholders and former Twitter employees

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