Woman accuses Mike Tyson of R*ping her in early 1990s


Boxing star Mike Tyson has been charged of r*pe by a woman. The incident happened back in the 90s.

The unidentified woman filed a lawsuit in New York earlier this month. She is swing Tyson for $5 million.

The women claimed that Tyson r*ped her inside a car after their meeting at a night club. She said that the incident affected her a lot.

The exact date of the incident remains unknown but it has been confirmed that the woman was a beauty pageant contestant.

Tyson has been accused of r*pe in February 1992 and he was sent to prison for three years at the time.

The lawsuit was filed under the Adult Survivors Act, according to which sexual assault victims get the time of a year to file claims over assaults that happened a long time ago.

The woman has wished to maintain her anonymity because her name might create issues for her in the feature.

The woman’s attorney Darren Seilback refused to comment on anything and Tyson’s representatives were unavailable for any response.

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