Yhwach Vs Diavolo: Who Would Win In A Fight?


Yhwach is the final antagonist in ‘Bleach’. He is known as the Quincy king and he also managed to  consume the powers of the soul king.

Diavolo is an antagonist in 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventures'. He is the boss of Passion and is known as the Crimson King.

This fight would be extremely interesting to watch as both opponents have the ability to see the future. However, Yhwach wins this fight. 

Both Diavolo and Yhwach can see the future, but Diavolo can only see ten seconds into the future whereas Yhwach has no such restrictions.

In addition to this, Yhwach can easily erase any future he deems undesirable. Yhwach would be able to predict the time erasure ability.

In addition to that, even if Yhwach is unable to do so, he is stronger than Diavolo in terms of raw power.

Yhwach's Almighty however would not let it come to that, as he can easily alter any future in which he is attacked.

This makes him pretty much invincible and as a result, he would most definitely win the fight against Diavolo. 

Image credit: Luis Figueiredo Art

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