Zachary Levi Wants To Punch Dwayne Johnson In The Face


Dwayne Johnson hyped his Black Adam movie to the sky but it fell flat on the box office, ruining Henry Cavill’s return as superman as well.

Now it is highly likely that Black Adma 2 along with all the current slated DCEU movies will not return for their planned sequels.

Zachary Levi, who plays Shazam in the DCEU, is part of one of the few successful movies that DC has managed to make till date.

Shazam was profitable at box office and also received a sequel, ‘Shazam: The fury of Gods’ which will release this year.

Levi’s character Shazam is arch nemesis of Johnson’s character, Black Adam in the DC comics and fans would have loved to see them together.

When Zachery was asked the same question at the Comic Con event in Portugal, he was very clear about what he wanted.

Levi said, “I have no idea. I wish I had that power of decision, but I don’t. I was just lucky to get the job, very blessed. But obviously I’d like to punch The Rock in the face!”

James Gunn after taking over as co-CEO of DC universe, has announced a brand new DCU slate which will most probably reboot the whole franchise.

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