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    Are Naruto And Gaara Similar? What Are Their Similarities?

    ‘Naruto’ fans would understand that Naruto and Gaara did not deserve what they went through. Their suffering infant years were the key point why viewers love them the most, compared to other characters. Starting as rivals at first and then slowly transforming into one of the endearing brothers in the series, they have grown a lot.

    Naruto and Gara learned life the hard way and learned it right. It felt heart-wrenching when they were ostracized and ridiculed by the villagers. Fans would agree for certain that Naruto and Gaara shared similar fates. Do you also feel like both these characters were similar? You are not alone! Read on to know more about the similarities between Naruto and Gaara.

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    Similarities Between Naruto And Gaara

    Naruto and Gaara

    To all the fans of ‘Naruto,’ we know how similar Naruto and Gaara are. How much ever others say they aren’t, it is just factually wrong. There are a few reasons why they are both considered similar characters and why they feel different at the same time. Both characters have lived through suffering. Not a single one of their experiences is any more or less valid than the other.

    They are both Jinchuuriki, which means they are vessels for containing tailed beasts. Their mothers died shortly after giving birth to them. Initially, both Naruto and Gaara were hated by their villagers because they were Jinchuuriki. Later, after getting to know them, villagers started to love them and even sacrificed themselves for them. Both of them became the leader of their villages.

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    How Were The Lives Of Naruto And Gaara?

    Naruto and Gaara

    Naruto became the vessel for the 9 tails, at the expense of his parents. This resulted in him being blamed and hated for events that were not of his making. He lived his early life being a scapegoat and embodiment of death and destruction. Thus the fate of a Jinchurikki. He was orphaned, shown very little care, underfed, and lacked nurture. At a very early age, he had to learn to be independent. He was never allowed to hear about his heritage or the history of his great clan. The scene of Naruto trying to catch a fish for food sums up everything. Mistreatment all around.

    Gaara born in the sand village of Sunagakure, was the son of the 4th Kazekage. He was a living sacrifice (a jinchurikki) thus becoming the cage for the 1st tailed beast. His father was merciless. He wanted to use his son as a living weapon against competitors and other villages. The citizens despised Gaara and ostracized him. The memory of his own uncle calling him cursed and his inability to control his abilities caused him to spiral downwards to insanity. Losing the need to sleep overtime in order to keep the beast at bay Gaara became unhinged, ruthless, and sadistic. This character was even more sensitive than Naruto, and not a single soul stood by him.

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