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    Top 10 Most Respected Anime Characters

    When it comes to anime, a character’s power and charm are directly correlated to the amount of respect they command. When someone is very powerful, they will often earn the respect of both their supporters and their opponents. It is especially true if the powerful people have achieved a significant victory, such as being the most skilled in a given field within their unique world.

    Do you know the names of some of the most revered characters in the history of anime? who they are and the reasons why followers from all across the world hold such high esteem for them.

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    10 Most Respected Anime Characters

    10. Roy Mustang 

    Roy Mustang is a valiant soldier who is known for his intimidating reputation, with all of the required attributes to one day govern his country. His mastery of flame alchemy enables him to decisively win battles against adversaries who consistently present a risk to his safety.

    His present staff is extremely devoted to him, which is evidence that he is not just intelligent but also youthful, ambitious, and fantastic with people.

    His mastery of domestic politics, which allowed him to successfully navigate the political terrain and swiftly rise through the ranks, is perhaps the most outstanding talent he possesses.

    9. Kakashi Hatake 

    Kakashi Hatake 
    Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi was well-known across the entirety of the Naruto universe due to his skill, humility, and years of experience. As a result of successfully completing more than one thousand missions for the Hidden Leaf Village, the leader of team 7 established himself as a capable member of both teams and as a capable leader. When Kakashi was given the responsibility of leading Team 7, he did an excellent job of fostering the development of each member of the team, assisting them in becoming more powerful and skilled.

    He quickly became aware of the distinctions between Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke, and as a result, he mentored each of them in a manner that was unique to their personality.

    8. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    A remarkable example of greatness in every aspect of life, Lelouch was destined to take the helm. Lelouch harbored a grudge for most of his life since he was rejected by the royal family when he was young. His resentment continued to fester until he was given the opportunity to exact revenge on those who had mistreated him. Lelouch, the captain of the Black Knights, was able to motivate his squad with his formidable intellect, which almost never failed him.

    He brought about global peace by bringing down the Britannian Empire, which he accomplished by combining his intelligence with his Geass. Also, he is the smartest character in the anime.

    7. Levi Ackerman

    Most Respected Anime Characters

    Levi is the kind of leader who is admired because of the monstrous strength he possesses, and he is known to be lethal while remaining silent. The Scout Captain, who is frequently referred to be humanity’s strongest soldier due to the ease with which he destroys every opponent he confronts, causes spectators to speculate about the possibility that a human may be more powerful than any titan.

    After Erwin was killed, Levi took over as the leader of the assault against the beast giant, and he quickly made short work of him. Levi is not the type of person who instills optimism in others by his words; rather, he leads them by example.

    6. DIO

    Despite the fact that he was unrepentantly evil, DIO commanded the utmost respect from those who followed him. They held him in such high esteem that they were willing to sacrifice their lives for him, treating him as if he were a deity. Many of DIO’s disciples, such as Johngalli A. and Pucci, were so devoted to the master that they continued to carry out his wishes even after he had passed away.

    The vampire is not just held in high respect by those who support him. At the conclusion of Phantom Blood, Jonathan Joestar demonstrated the tremendous sense of regard he felt for his adopted brother by holding DIO’s head in his lap while he sat in front of him.

    5. Integra Hellsing

    Most Respected Anime Characters
    Integra Hellsing

    Integra Hellsing was an outstanding commander, and she was the only character in the story to earn Alucard’s respect. She boasts incredible precision with a handgun and extraordinary reflexes, which allowed her to sever the head of a Nazi vampire nearly immediately after she shot it. She is extremely skilled.

    She possesses a high level of intelligence and, despite the fact that she is still so young, she has done an outstanding job leading the Hellsing Organization. It may be argued that Integra’s unbreakable resolve, which allows her to face any challenge without showing fear, is her most amazing quality.

    4. All Might

    All Might, who came to be known as the Symbol of Peace for his efforts, was an inspiration to a whole generation. More and more children looked up to him as a role model after he vanquished evildoers with a single blow to the face. In a similar vein, potential villains were dissuaded from pursuing a life of crime, which might have been very lucrative.

    The impact that All Might had on Japan was not fully understood until after he had retired. Crime rates and feelings of pessimism skyrocketed when the Symbol of Peace wasn’t around to keep the populace safe and soothe them.

    3. Erwin Smith

    Most Respected Anime Characters

    Erwin Smith was an incredibly motivating individual; he made every supporter want to sign up with the scouts. He possessed a potent mix of power, intelligence, and charisma, making him one of the most valuable resources available to humanity. In his role as commander of the Scouts, he was tasked with the nearly insurmountable undertaking of uniting his people to take on the terrible Titans. He accomplished this goal by maintaining his integrity and being aware of the peril and death that lay in store for them, making him one of the most respected anime characters.

    He was gifted in the ability to assist others in seeing the wider picture. It was necessary, for the sake of humanity, to put an end to individual aspirations. In the dying moments of his life, he used every ounce of leadership he possessed by guiding others on a mission to commit suicide for the greater good.

    2. Gol D. Roger 

    Gol D. Roger is credited with being the first person to round the entire planet. As a result, he is recognized as the “King of the Pirates.” He was suffering from sickness with little hope of recovery, so he voluntarily handed himself up to the World Government to be executed in front of everyone. Before he passed away, Roger promised the general populace that if they discovered his riches, they would be able to legitimately inherit his esteemed title.

    The result was an immediate increase in the number of pirates, which the marines were unable to stop in any way. It was also a reflection of how much faith individuals from different parts of the world had in Roger’s statements.

    1. Yujiro Hanma 

    Yujiro Hanma Strongest Man in Baki Anime
    Yujiro Hanma Strongest Man in Baki Anime

    Yujiro was a terrifyingly powerful guy who instilled fear in the hearts of anybody he came into conflict with. As it was evident from his interaction with the President of the United States, not even the most experienced and arrogant martial artists had the courage to challenge him.

    Because Yujiro is so powerful, nations have resorted to using satellites to monitor his movements in the hopes of predicting and responding to his upcoming maneuvers. 

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