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    ‘Death Note’: What Happens If A Shinigami Writes Down Name Of Other Shinigami In The Death Note?

    ‘Death Note’ is one of the most popular anime of all time. For most anime fans, it is the first anime they have watched and they have loved it. It is quite popular in the world and is one of the best mystery and psychological anime. Fans love the characters of the show and the Shinigami in particular are fan favorites. 

    This however raises a question in the minds of the fans. It is a well-known fact that a human dies when a Shinigami writes their name. However, fans wish to know what would happen if a Shinigami writes another Shinigami’s name in their death note.

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    What Is A Shinigami?


    Shinigami means the God of death in Japanese. They are also known as the grim reapers by people. In ‘Death Note’ they are extra-dimensional beings. These Shinigami increase their own life spans by killing humans and taking their remaining life spans for themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that every death in the world occurs because of the creatures. 

    Appearance-wise, most Shinigami are scary looking. Their appearances vary but they look scary by human standards. They also have wings that they can use for transportation that retract when not in use. Each of these creatures has a certain level of intelligence and cunning. Some of them can speak earthly languages whilst some cannot. The main job that Shinigami have is to take lives. However, they don’t need to do this job. This however means that a Shinigami will die if he chooses not to kill people. They can kill humans by writing their names on the death notes they possess. The first shinigami shown in the series is Ryuk. Light sees him when he brings the death note with him.

    What Happens If A Shinigami Writes Another Shinigami’s Name In Their Death Note?

    Rem, the shinigami who saved a human
    Rem, the shinigami who saved a human

    There are two ways for a Shinigami to die. As mentioned above, one is if they choose not to kill humans and take their life spans for themselves. Another way that a shinigami can die is if they choose to save someone. By their very nature and existence, Shinigami are meant to take lives and not protect them. If a Shinigami kills someone to protect someone else, they die. This is because they went against their very existence. This is what happened to Rem when she saved Misa

    However, if a Shinigami writes another Shinigami’s name in their death notes, nothing would happen. The Shinigami cannot kill each other by writing each other’s names. As mentioned above, the only way to kill a Shinigami is by making him fall in love with a human and making him save that human, or if the Shinigami chooses not to fulfill its duty. Therefore contrary to what most people believe, a Shinigami cannot die if another Shinigami writes their name on their death note. 

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