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    Do Ichigo And Orihime End Up Together At The End Of ‘Bleach’?

    One of the most well-known anime series ever is ‘Bleach‘. It is regarded as one of the “big three,” along with ‘Naruto,‘ and ‘One Piece’. A manga series with the same name as the shonen anime ‘Bleach‘ was written by Tite Kubo. The first chapter was published in 2001 and the final chapter was published after 15 long years in 2016. The anime version of the manga was released in 2004.

    Ichigo and Orihime are two of the main characters on the show. They are also shipped together and the fans are divided over their supposed shipping. Some fans agree over the Ichihime ship and some are dead against it. Either way, all the fans are curious whether Ichigo and Orihime ended up together. Let’s find out.

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    Who Are Ichigo And Orihime?

    Ichigo and Orihime
    Ichigo and Orihime

    Ichigo is the main character of Bleach’. Ichigo’s most distinguishing feature is his orange hair. He has brown eyes and is quite tall. Personality-wise, Ichigo is quite short-tempered, hot-headed, and stubborn. He claims to not care about others and tries to maintain a ‘cool’ image but in reality, Ichigo is quite compassionate and sympathetic towards others.

    Ichigo contrary to popular belief takes schoolwork quite seriously. He ranks 23rd in his school and he studies regularly. He may be a hothead, but he is a hothead who takes his work and studies seriously!

    Orihime is an average teenager with orange hair and brown eyes like Ichigo. She has a slim yet curvaceous figure which attracts attention. She wears hairpins in her hair regularly and doesn’t take them off except for sleeping as they were given to her by her brother.

    Orihime is sweet, reliant, and sympathetic. She is attuned to other people’s emotions and can sense what they are feeling. Like Ichigo, Orihime takes her studies seriously. She is one of the top students in her school.

    Do They End Up Together At The End Of The Manga?

    Ichigo and Orihime's son with Rukia's daughter
    Ichigo and Orihime’s son with Rukia’s daughter

    For the entire Ichihime shippers, there is good news. Ichigo and Orihime do end up together at the end of the manga. Ichigo and Orihime started getting close after the Arrancar and Aizen arc. Ichigo gained more respect for her and started thinking of her more fondly.

    However, significant changes in their relationship happened during the TYBW arc. Ichigo considered Orihime to be equal in battle and asked her to protect him from Ywach’s attacks. This was a turning point in their relationship.

    After the end of the TYBW arc, an epilogue was shown in the manga where everyone was 10 years older. Orihime and Ichigo got married to each other and had a child named Kazuki Kurosaki who is also a shinigami substitute.

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