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    ‘Parasyte: The Grey’: Everything You Need To Know About The Anime That Inspired The Series

    Netflix has introduced a new show for science horror fiction lovers to binge on, and it’s ‘Parasyte: The Grey’; the show everyone is now talking about. Coming from the director of well-known Korean film and television series like Train To Busan and Hellbound, the show seems to have been borne from two very popular pieces of Japan; Parasite the anime and Parasite the manga. So which one has inspired the live-action series?

    According to Netflix, the show is a spin-off of the popular manga of the same name. It’s based on Hitoshi Iwaaki’s mange and takes place in the same universe but in a different location and a unique spin on the original story. The show is set in Namil, a city in South Korea. As opposed to the manga, which is set in Japan’s Fukuyama and Hiroshima.

    Talking about the show, Iwaaki said, “This new story taking place in a different location will lead us into a world beyond my imagination. In my 20s, [the manga] Parasyte was a staple for those of us who were passionate about manga and animation. This is my favorite, favorite work that I’ve been fanboying all my life. [Parasyte: The Grey] is the culmination of my fanboying.”

    He further added, “To me, [the manga] Parasyte is about coexistence. So I wanted Parasyte: The Grey to echo this theme. I questioned whether people could peacefully coexist with other organisms or mutants unlike themselves.”

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    What Is ‘Parasyte’ Based On?

    Poster for Parasyte
    Poster for Parasyte

    The show, of course, follows the same plot as the manga/anime. It’s a sci-fi horror series, as the director describes it, but classifying it, he adds that it’s ‘body snatcher genre‘, which according to him means, “Body snatcher basically means that these beings that we know to be very ordinary turn out to be something completely different.”

    The plot of the series revolves around Jeong Su-in finding herself entangled in an alien invasion of Earth. While there is chaos everywhere as the aliens take control of the humans’ brains, Heidi, Su-in’s parasite, does not take over her brain like the others do. Instead, in order to survive, they forge an odd alliance.

    The show has opened to wonderful reviews and might even get renewed for a second season- according to reports.

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