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    How Did Kokushibo’s Moon Breathing Change When He Turned Into A Demon?

    ‘Demon Slayer’ has a very wide and unique range of villains. This pertains especially to the moons, both the upper moons and the power moons. Their character and their background stories are very intriguing and heartbreaking to watch. But some characters have caught the attention of the fans. 

    One of them is Kokushibo who is the upper moon 1, entailing that he is the strongest after Kibutsuji Muzan. Kokushibo uses the moon breathing style, and he is the only user. Fans are quite curious how his breathing style changed after he turned into a demon. Read to find out. 

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    Who Is Kokushibo?

    Kokushibo and his blade
    Kokushibo and his blade

    Kokushibo as mentioned above is the upper rank 1 in the twelve moons Muzan has. He used to be a demon slayer and was then later turned into a demon. His name was Michikatsu Tsugikuni. He was the older twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who was the strongest demon slayer and the only person Muzan ever feared. 

    Kokushibo created the moon breathing style and to date is the only known user of the technique. This technique is quite superior to the other breathing techniques and is one of the oldest, but is inferior to the sun breathing style that Yoriichi used. 

    In addition to that, he also activated the demon slayer mark as a human. This mark grants the user immeasurable strength and power. But the user of the mark can only live up to 25 years, Kokushibo however managed to escape that curse by getting turned into a demon. 

    How Did His Breathing Style Change?

    Kokushibo using moon breathing
    Kokushibo using moon breathing

    Moon breathing is one of the oldest and strongest breathing styles. Even before he turned into a demon, Kokushibo or Michikatsu Tsugikuni was an extremely skilled swordsman. Even after turning into a demon, his breathing style did not change fundamentally. 

    His blade is made of Kokushibo’s flesh and he can alter its appearance and its size according to his own needs and requirements. As a result, he was able to overcome certain restrictions he faced as a human and created stronger breathing styles. The moon Breathing Style currently harbors 16 styles, which is greater than any other style. 

    He also managed to introduce smaller moons into the blades and his breathing style. Kokushibo merged his breathing style with his blood demon techniques which made it fundamentally stronger and led to the advancement of its styles. These are the major ways in which Kokushibo’s moon-breathing style changed after he got turned into a demon.

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