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    How Strong Is Ichigo Now After The ‘Thousand Year Blood War’ Arc Timeskip?

    ‘Bleach’ is one of the most popular anime of all time. That is proven by the fact that it is considered one of the big three anime with ‘Naruto’ and ‘One Piece’. Its new and final season began airing in late 2022 and it has taken the anime world by storm. Fans are loving the character and power growth Ichigo is going through. 

    Ichigo’s growth is considered to be one of the most realistic growths in anime. This is because, despite Ichigo gaining an astounding amount of power, he struggles to adapt and control it. Fans are curious just how strong Ichigo is after the ‘Thousand Year Blood War‘ Arc time skip. Read to find out.

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    What Is ‘Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War’?

    Bleach TYBW
    Bleach TYBW

    Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War‘ is the final arc in the manga of ‘Bleach’. It features the entirety of soul society and Ichigo and all of his friends. The anime is set after the lost shinigami arc. The last arc follows the most difficult and strongest opponent Ichigo and the soul society ever had to face, Yhwach. 

    Yhwach is a Quincy and has an ability called Almighty which allows him to not only see the future but also alter any undesirable outcomes. He was defeated 1000 years before the current timeline by Genryusei Yamamoto, the head captain of Gotei 13. He returned and defeated Yamamoto and destroyed the soul society. 

    The anime ends with Ichigo getting a new Zanpakuto after he was broken in the war against Yhwach. The second season or installment of ‘Bleach: TYBW’ will begin airing in 2023. 

    How Strong Is Ichigo After The Timeskip?

    The five special war powers
    The five special war powers

    Ichigo is one of the strongest characters in ‘Bleach’ and his powers only seem to grow as the series continues. Ichigo grew a lot stronger from when he first started as a Shinigami and at the start of TYBW, he is still one of the strongest characters. 

    His strength is proven when Yhwach considers him and Aizen a special war power. He did not even consider Yamamoto a special war power and he was far stronger than Ichigo. 

    In addition to that, Ichigo was sent to Hueco Mundo to distract and delay him when Yhwach and the sternritter attacked the soul society. This is because they were aware of Ichigo’s power.

    Ichigo has his Bankai which is extremely strong. In addition to that, his Visored form is also available for him to use. But his most devastating and dangerous form is his Vasto Lorde which can easily destroy soul society. This is how strong Ichigo was at the start of ‘TYBW’. He grew to be even stronger when he accepted Zangetsu as a part of him rather than a separate identity at the end of the ‘Bleach: TYBW’ anime. 

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