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    Top 10 Cruelest Anime Characters 

    In anime, the villain’s evil frequently serves to highlight how much better the hero is in comparison. They are intended to portray forces that are inherently hostile to the audience’s ideas but occasionally given sympathetic traits. In this sense, a villain plays almost as much of a role in a protagonist’s likeability as the hero does. 

    Only a select few villains, nevertheless, may rank as the evilest and most wicked characters in history. Many anime villains have shown the extent of their wickedness and what they could have done if the hero hadn’t intervened with such heroism. Here are our top ten cruelest anime characters. 

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    10. Hidan  


    Let’s start off our cruelest anime characters list with one of the Akatsuki organization’s most repulsive members, Hidan who made even Deidara and Kisame look mildly admirable in comparison to him. He belongs to the Jashin religion, which has given him full immortality and certain special fighting techniques. 

    Hidan enjoys torturing himself to inflict equal harm on his adversaries while playing with them and frightening them with prophecies of their coming destruction. Eventually, Shikamaru Nara put an end to Hidan’s wrongdoings and killed him.

    9. Dio 


    Consumed by his own hubris, Dio has wrought misery wherever he went. For example, he obliterated the Joestar manor, killed his adoptive father, and took over his brother’s body to use like a puppet — and that was just the beginning. 

    Dio’s early atrocities pale in comparison to his later ones. Alongside Pucci, he planned to rewrite reality itself and make his Stand utterly unstoppable. Considering that Jotaro and company defeated him before he could follow through, it’s fortunate that Dio never realized any of his grandiose ambitions. 

    8. Mahito  


    An extremely powerful Cursed Spirit of a specific grade, born from the hatred of humans for one another, is Mahito. He possesses the power to transform into several forms, control cursed energies and spirits, and restore his separated bodily parts. 

    For his own experiments and views, he harms the human world greatly. For example, he kills innocent people without hesitation in order to influence their souls. He then desires to transform Itadori Yuji into Sukuna’s vessel in order for her to surrender to him and enter into a Bonding Vow. 

    7. Marshall D. Teach 

    ‘Marshall D. Teach’

    Marshall D. Teach, best known by his stage name Blackbeard, is one of the primary antagonists of the One-Piece‘ series. Along with ‘Akainu’ and ‘Sengoku’, he is the primary antagonist of the Marineford Arc, a prominent antagonist in the Impel Down Arc, and the antagonist of the Summit War Saga. 

    He was a member of Whitebeard’s pirate gang until betraying him by killing a fellow crewman and stealing the Yami Yami no Mi. During the Marineford War, he assassinated Whitebeard and took his place among the Yonko. He is responsible for seizing Portgas D. Ace and launching the Summit War. 

    6. Kaguya 


    The whole ‘Naruto‘ franchise happened due to Kaguya. Editing the Uchiha tablets allowed her to plan Madara’s attacks through Black Zetsu. She wanted to subjugate the entire universe, perform the infinite Tsukuyomi, and take back the chakra she had previously given to her ancestors. 

    Given that Kaguya did not think twice to attack and attempt to kill her own children, she is especially cruel. She has been personally responsible for the majority of the disputes among shinobi, while not being a particularly bad apple in comparison to other Otsutsuki clan members. 

    5. Light Yagami 

    ‘Light Yagami’

    In total, Light killed around 125,000 individuals by the end of the series. He is willing to steal, kill, and lie without being discovered because he believes that he is “the God of the New World” that he is working to establish. 

    This is evil, people. Actually, just evil, because he is killing criminals, doesn’t make it right because he doesn’t merely kill criminals or cause their deaths, as we see in the series. 

    4. All For One 

    ‘All for One’

    As the ‘Symbol of Evil’, All For One dug into the role, displaying his warped tendencies and desire to cause agony. Japan suffered greatly during his rule despite the fact that he had previously conquered his brother and Nana Shimura. 

    The strength of All For One lies in his comprehension of symbolic achievements. He is aware that by eliminating pivotal figures like All Might, Endeavor, and Deku, other people all around the world will lose hope and be more susceptible to oppression. He was initially restricted to Japan, but if not stopped right away, he poses a threat to the entire world. 

    3. Donquixote Doflamingo 

    ‘Donquixote Doflamingo’

    ‘One Piecehas had a variety of ruthless and repulsive adversaries, including saw-tooth Arlong, Gecko, Moria, and Captain Blackbeard. None of them, though, compared to the vivacious blond Doflamingo in terms of brutality and horror. The story’s New World section made his deeds fully apparent. Doflamingo’s pure evil. He definitely one of the cruelest anime characters.

    Doflamingo’s first wicked deed was to make fun of the Marineford War’s atrocities by presenting them as a farce. The story then showed Doflamingo to be the nasty and sadistic fruit user who rules oppressively over Dressrosa. He thinks that watching people go through pain, agony, and death is amusing, but Luffy fiercely disagrees. 

    2. Father  


    The homunculus was made by Father. He nearly challenged God and conquered the skies themselves in one of the most horrifying scenes in anime history after sacrificing an entire nation to gain strength. 

    Fortunately, Father was sufficiently weakened by ‘Edward Elric’ and his allies to be brought back to Earth while he was still morphing. If they had failed, he might have ruled over the entire human race and possibly beyond. Father is more of a menace than previous end-of-the-world villains because of his extensive knowledge of the cosmos itself. 

    1.  Frieza 


    One of the main villains from the early ‘Dragon Ball Z franchise was Frieza who was a villain with violently imperialistic objectives and Goku’s biggest foe. He’s one of the cruelest anime characters. He was in charge of numerous invasions of Earth that were stopped and resulted in terrible destruction. 

    He believes that because of his self-declared superiority, he is exempt from any responsibility for the lives he has taken. Unfortunately for his subordinates, Frieza kills his enemies almost as quickly as he does his allies. Also, he has had numerous chances to perpetuate more atrocities than his antagonistic peers, given how regularly he appears in the series. 

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