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    Top 10 Weakest Characters In Anime

    Characters in anime tend to be exceptionally powerful, with very few areas of weakness, which make them humane and gives viewers a reason to admire such heroes. On the other hand, it’s also common for characters to be weak to such degrees that they are considered worthless.

    Weak anime characters, though do not help out in the battles but that does not mean they do not add value to the show. These characters have their specific roles which vary from comic relief to emotional aspects of the story. But when comes to sheer power, there are anime characters who are some of the weakest individuals.

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    10 Weakest Characters In Anime

    10. Minoru Mineta (My Hero Academia)

    Mineta is a sleazy student at the U.A. High School, who is preparing to become a Pro-Hero. Mineta’s special ability is known as Pop-Off, and it gives him the ability to remove the ball-shaped things that are attached to his head.

    These ball-shaped things may regrow extremely quickly and have a highly sticky consistency depending. Mineta is one of the least compelling individuals at the U.A. High School due to the fact that his Quirk isn’t really helpful and because Mineta’s timid demeanor causes him to freeze up in tight circumstances.

    9. Mumen Rider (One Punch Man)

    The character of Mumen Rider gives off the impression of being a truly kind person. It is quite clear that this individual possesses both a heroic attitude and a heart of gold. In spite of the difficulty of the situation, Mumen Rider never quits up.

    This is encouraging mostly due to the fact that the odds have always appeared to be heavily stacked against him. However, his power is comical when compared to heroes of the C-Rank. His sole true advantage in combat is the fact that he survived his encounter with the Deep Sea King.

    8. Yamcha (Dragon Ball Z)

    In the first Dragon Ball series, Yamcha was shown as a formidable foe for Son Goku, who ultimately became Yamcha’s ally.

    This gave the impression that Yamcha was a character with a lot of potential. He was a bandit who carried a formidable scimitar in his hands. In Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha’s friends were far more powerful than he was by a significant margin.

    Due to the fact that Yamcha was killed and then rendered worthless in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Z, the character has become something of a joke for many watchers.

    7. Buggy The Clown (One Piece)

    In ‘One Piece,’ Buggy, also known as Buggy the Star Clown, is the commander of the Buggy Pirates and was one of the first significant antagonists to appear in the series. In addition to Luffy, Buggy was one of the first people to consume the Devil Fruit. Because of his skill, Buggy can disassemble himself into its component parts at will.

    In contrast to Luffy, Buggy’s potential power was never truly able to develop into what it may have been, which resulted in him being relatively unimpressive and feeble in comparison to other Devil Fruit users.

    6. Udon Ise (Naruto)

    It’s arguable that Udon is the worst, or at the very least one of the weakest, characters in the whole Naruto canon. At the very least, this is the case with his first iteration, which takes place before the time jump in the episode.

    Udon’s persistent inability to learn even the most fundamental ninjutsu techniques, in his role as the leader of Team 5 while they are still students at the academy, creates a significant strain on the dynamic of the team.

    5. Ichiya (Fairy Tail)

    Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki is the leader of The Trimes and is considered to be the “ace” of the Blue Pegasus Guild. Because of his magical power, Ichiya is able to employ fragrances to bring about a variety of changes in both himself and his opponents. Ichiya, on the other hand, is not just one of the worst characters in Fairy Tail but also inside his own guild, despite the fact that he is the “ace”.

    He is incapable of competing in close combat due to his lack of abilities and power. Additionally, fans perceive Ichiya to be more of a comic relief character than a serious one.

    4. Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball Z)

    Mr. Satan’s true power rests in his ability to manipulate the facts in order to portray himself as a heroic figure.

    He does this by frequently taking credit for the work that Goku or Gohan have done. On the other hand, it is important to point out that he did succeed in becoming friends with one of the most deadly antagonists in the entirety of Dragon Ball Z, so he is not exactly a total failure.

    3. Future Diary (Yukiteru Amano)

    As one of the people who possess a Future Diary, Yukiteru is required to engage in a free-for-all against the other people who own Future Diaries. On the other hand, Yukiteru does not have many redeeming qualities; he isn’t the brightest or the strongest, and he forms deep emotional attachments.

    Yuno Gasai is the one and the only thing that is keeping Yukitru alive in this fight to the death. Yuno is another Dairy Holder who is utterly enamored with Yukieru and would do whatever in his power to protect him. Yukieru is the reason Yuno became a Dairy Holder.

    2. Oolong (Dragon Ball Z)

    It’s not hard to see why Oolong would be considered a far less powerful character than Yamcha. If it comes down to pure physical power and the application of such strength, then it’s possible that Oolong will be defeated by every other character that is lower on this list.

    If it came down to a battle of wits, Oolong might not do as well as any of the other characters that are further down on this list. Oolong is one of the few characters in Dragon Ball who is almost never seen engaged in combat.

    1. Kon (Bleach)

    There is a ‘mascot character’ in a great number of well-known anime series, exactly like Kon. Their placement at the top of this list may come as a surprise to some people; for some, it may seem excessively severe, while for others, it may seem too forgiving.

    In the end, Kon’s position at the very top of this list is only significant in a symbolic sense. An illustrative example of a character that is introduced into a series for the sole purpose of having a cutesy design and nothing else, Kon is one of a large number of characters that fit this description and serves a decidedly meaningless purpose in the series Bleach. They are also an iconic representation of this type of character.

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