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    Top 5 Most Powerful Titans In ‘Attack On Titan’

    ‘Attack on Titan’ is one of the most popular animes of all time and with valid reason. Isayama wrote the story spectacularly and Mappa and wit did an amazing job animating it. The story is amazing, along with the characters and the action sequences.

    There are a lot of titans and each one has its specialty and power level. Let’s find out about the five most powerful titans in the ‘Attack on Titan’ universe.

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    5) Female Titan

    Female Titan
    Female Titan

    The only known user of the Female Titan is Annie Leonhart, and she used it to deal a lot of harm to the Survey Corps. The Female Titan may harden specific bodily parts for both aggressive and defensive purposes, and it can summon pure Titans with its cry. Additionally, it can inherit skills more quickly than any other Titan.

    Not only that, the female titan annihilated Eren’s attack titan the first time they fought. The female titan is the jack of all clubs, having equal attack and defensive powers and that make her one of the most powerful titans and fit to be on this list.

    The Female, unlike most Titans, has no skin, leaving its muscles and tendons completely exposed. Normally, this sight would be revolting, but in Attack on Titan, the Titan does not continually bleed.

    4) Beast Titan

    Beast Titan
    Beast Titan

    The main asset of this Titan is its potent throwing skills. Anyone encountering this Titan will suffer great destruction due to its ability to smash boulders and fling them like baseballs.

    Thanks to Zeke Yeager’s royal blood, this Titan has the power to transform humans into Titans. This is due to the Beast Titan’s ability to adopt the physical traits of other animals, albeit each shifter alters the Beast Titan’s overall appearance. The beast titan also can harden which makes it one of the most powerful titans in the anime.

    3) Colossal Titan

    Colossal Titan
    Colossal Titan

    The colossal titan is the second largest titan on the show after the founding titan. It is also the titan that makes its first appearance in the starting episode itself and destroyed the wall, Maria. As the name suggests, the titan is massive, well over 50 meters which is why it could tower over the wall of Maria and destroy it. But this isn’t the only thing that makes this titan strong; it can also emit steam from its body.

    This steam is capable of burning someone to death and it is extremely hot which prevents someone from getting too close to the body of the titan. Armin got burned to almost death getting too close to the colossal titan to help Eren capture wall Maria. The change of this titan, however, is what makes it so dangerous since the energy released is comparable to that of a large-scale bomb, which is potent enough to level portions of a big metropolis.

    2) War Hammer Titan

    War Hammer Titan
    War Hammer Titan

    It is the last titan to be revealed in the anime and despite its concise screen time, makes a strong impression. It has an extremely distinctive appearance. This Titan can craft structures and weapons that can easily impale even the Attack Titan

    Its shifter’s body is not situated on the nape of its neck like that of the other Nine Titans. The body is instead enclosed in a crystal that is buried underground. It seems like a skeletal warrior since its body is covered in hardened white skin. This may seem like a powerful argument, but as Eren himself demonstrated, the user becomes extremely exposed if their Titan is destroyed.

    Despite this point, it is extremely hard to break this shell and if not for the Jaw titan, even Eren would not have been able to obtain the War hammer titan. This is what makes this one of the most powerful titans despite limited knowledge about its powers.

    1) Founding Titan

    Founding Titan
    Founding Titan

    The Founding Titan is yet to be shown in the anime. This titan is the strongest of all the titans, but it can only be summoned by someone with royal blood. The Founding Titan may change Eldians’ memories and make them convert into titans with the sound of its roar. The shifter can fight if properly prepared, but most of the time it can get away without engaging in combat thanks to its capacity to influence the thoughts of every other titan, including the other shifters.

    The most terrifying power of the founding titan however is the ability to cause the rumbling. The founding titan is the key to the rumbling, it cannot happen without it. Moreover, it has an amazing ability to defend itself from potential enemies. It accomplishes this by calling forth a large number of earlier iterations of the Nine Titans, each of which is endowed with the respective Titan’s abilities.

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