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    Top 5 Strongest Nichirin Swords In ‘Demon Slayer’ 

    In the ‘Demon Slayer’ universe, swords are one of the most important characteristics of every character. Special ores are used in the forging of Nichirin Blades. Each sword’s color corresponds directly to the character’s identity and manner of breathing.  

    So, it is evident from a sword’s hue whether or not its wielder possesses a particular quality. Here, we look into the strongest Nichirin swords, ranked from weak to strong. 

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    5. Blue Sword (Giyu) 


    Giyu Tomioka wields a blue Nichirin sword. Given that it is the same size as the majority of Nichirin blades and is distinguished as a Giyu katana by its color and hexagonal tsuba, it fits into the normal category of weapons. Giyu is the Water Hashira, making him the most accomplished Water Breathing user of his generation.  

    He picked up the Water Breathing technique quickly, which enabled him to invent a whole new form. Giyu invented the water-breathing eleventh form: Dead Calm, which is featured in the first season of Demon Slayer. This enables complete silence while dealing with incoming threats quickly and stealthily. 

    4. Green Sword (Sanemi) 


    Green Nichirin katanas are associated with Wind Breathing practitioners, most famously Sanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Hashira. Sanemi is one of the most powerful Hashira, despite not having invented his breathing method or the weapon he uses with it. 

    Sanemi is regarded as the most accomplished Wind Breathing practitioner of his generation because of his mastery of the skill. His green Nichirin katana, which is tailored to him and his abilities with a jagged design resembling a beast’s mouth and is kept in a sheath with marks that match the scars on his face, is still green. 

    3. Red Sword (Rengoku) 


    True to his fiery nature, Rengoku wielded a red sword, which is supposed to be the distinguishing hue of practitioners of the Flame Breathing method. He was also so adept with his red sword that, before he succumbed to his wounds, he was able to engage in combat on par with the third-strongest Upper Moon. 

    Because he is one of the most courageous and fierce warriors in the entire anime, Rengoku inspired Tanjiro and his companions. His ferocious fighting spirit complemented the burning crimson sword he wielded in battle wonderfully. 

    2. Purple Sword (Kokushibo) 


    Kokushibo is the twin brother of the strongest Demon Slayer Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Because he created the Moon Breathing technique; he is the second-strongest Demon Slayer in history. 

    Kokushibo, however, transformed into a demon due to his desire for power and was the most powerful demon under Muzan’s control. He continues to breathe with the Moon Breathing technique that was used to turn his blade purple. However, the sword now has a reddish hue because he altered it with his blood. 

    1. Black Sword (Yoriichi, Tanjiro) 


    In addition to Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the current protagonist Tanjiro Kamado has utilized this sword. The Black Nichirin sword is utilized by those with shorter lifespans since it is thought to be unfortunate. But even though Tanjiro went through a lot of tribulations, he and Yoriichi both enjoyed long lives. The sword is primarily black, but when Tanjiro and Yoriichi both employ the Breath of the Sun God (the strongest breathing style), it turns blood red. 

    Black Nichirin swords are a mystery, as was noted in the manga, but it is unquestionably something that made Kibutsuji Muzan shudder with fear. 

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