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    10 Most Strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer Ranked

    The Demon Slayer series initially introduced nine Hashira. This is because the Kanji for Hashira has nine strokes. However, Hashira’s number increased to 13 in the following years. Out of the thirteen Demon slayers, we have come up with the 10 most powerful ones of all time. The series is available on Netflix.

    Ten Strongest Demon Slayer Hashira

    10. Love Hashira – Mitsuri Kanroji

    Demon Slayer Love Hashira
    Mitsuri Kanroji

    Mitsuri Kanroji is the present Pillar of Love in the Demon Slayer. She is a positive thinker and a passionate individual. Despite her soft and love-filled nature, she can be a deadly woman too. She is a special combatant and her powers increase exponentially with the Demon Slayer Mark.

    Her breathing style is Love Breathing Technique. This style is her personal creation by altering the Flame Breathing technique to suit her skin. As her body has unique muscle density, it grants her inhuman strength to deliver fast and powerful blows. She can move with incredible flexibility and agility. As it relies on her body’s special composition, it is a Style only she can use.

    9. Insect Hashira – Shinobu Kocho 

    Shinobu Kocho
    Shinobu Kocho

    Shinobu Kocho is sister to Kanae Kucho and former Insect Pillar. Although she is not physically strong, she uses her brain and skill to overpower demons. She is a master in the medical and pharmaceutical fields which makes up for her lack of natural fighting skills. The extensive knowledge of creating various poisons using the wisteria flower enables her to kill opponents within seconds. This often leaves demons in confusion.

    Her breathing style is Insect Breathing, derived from flower breathing. She coats her sword with poison from wisteria flowers, adjusting the mixture and composition of the poisons. Her poison is strong enough to weaken Doma, the second strongest devil of the twelve devil moons.

    8. Mist Hashira – Muichiro Tokito

    Demon Slayer Hashira
    Muichiro Tokito

    Muichiro Tokito is incredibly talented as he becomes a Hashira with two months of training. He easily defeats Gyokko, the fifth place of the rising devil moons with his Demon Slayer Mark. Kokushibo, the number one rising moon, praises him for being strong at such a young age. In his fight with Kokushibo, he was able to unlock the transparent world and dye his Nichirin blade purple. He relies strictly on logic to resolve his missions.

    His breathing style is the Mist Breathing technique. Muichiro has a mastery of the Mist Breathing technique completely, therefore easily defeating fifth place of the rising devil moons, Gyokko. He can also use a completely new and previously unknown seventh form of Breathing Technique.

     7. Serpent Hashira – Obanai Iguro


    Obanai Iguro serves as the current Snake Pillar. Obanai was always partially blind in his right eye. He developed a fighting technique using his Kaburamaru snake. Kaburamaru reads the enemy’s attack and shares this information with Obanai.

    Iguro has a sword with the capabilities of bending it any way he wants. His sword can slide into small slits like a snake. During a battle with Muzan, Iguro shows amazing skills to deal with tentacles alone. He survives even after Muzan’s slashes in his face, losing his eyes and his piercing bite on the shoulder.

    Iguro’s breathing style is Serpent Breathing. It allows him to adopt much of the slithery techniques of a snake, making him a dangerous combatant.

    6. Sound Hashira – Tengen Uzui

    Tengen Uzui
    Tengen Uzui

    Tengen Uzui was one among five pillars until he retires due to suffering from a heavy injury in a battle. He has demonstrated numerous skills which easily overpower devils in a battle. He can even fight on an equal footing against the growing members of the Moons.

    Tengen also carries extravagant weapons with him. His main weapons include two larger than average Nichirin blades, his swords, and bombs. He uses his skills to make sure people don’t suffer collateral damage 

    His breathing style is Sound Breathing. . Sound Breathing is derived from Thunder Breathing. Tengen can analyze the rhythm of movements and thus make better use of opportunities to attack.

     5. Fire Hashira – Kyojuro Rengoku

    Kyojuro Rengoku
    Kyojuro Rengoku

    Kyojuro is the Flame Pillar. He was known to be one of the Hashira’s with insane potential, is recognized by devils as strong as Akaza, the strongest of the known devils. Kyojuro’s parents implanted in his mind that the strong should always try to protect the weak.

    His breathing style is Fire Breathing. He extensively practices his breathing technique, polishing it into a deadly weapon. His father taught him the technique.

    4. Water Hashira – Sakonji Urokodaki

    Sakonji Urokodaki
    Sakonji Urokodaki

    Sankonji Urokodaki is the master of the Tomioka and Tanjiro. He is also the former Water Pillar. He is the first Demon Slayer revealed. 

    Sakonji has a very good sense of smell which enables him to figure out the enemy’s movement allows an opening to attack. Giyu Tomioka also has the same skills as him. Sakonji has a treasure of experience and knowledge to disseminate. 

    Sakonji Urokodaki is the owner of the Water Breathing technique. He is the one to teach ten forms of breathing to Tanjiro and Giyu. Although he is old now but is powerful without a doubt.

    3. Wind Hashira – Sanemi Shinazugawa

    Sanemi Shinazugawa
    Sanemi Shinazugawa

    Genya Shinazugawa’s older brother, Sanemi Shinazugawa is the current Wind Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. Sanemi is a very powerful swordsman. Sanemi’s physical skills and techniques have reached their peak. Sanemi has one of the rarest blood types, which makes it extremely toxic for demons. However, Nezuko is the only one immune to his blood. This is due to strong willpower and conviction to not eat humans, filled in his mind by Sakonji Urokodaki

    Sanemi has a trauma concerning demons as he is undeniably distrusting them. This is because he lost many of his family members to demons and hence has developed a strong hatred for them

    Sanemi’s breathing style is wind breathing. It helps to increase the amount of oxygen in his blood by controlling the breathing rate, increasing his strength and agility to match that of a demon. Apart from his position as a Pillar, he is familiar with the nine movements of the Wind Breathing.

    2. Water Hashira – Giyu Tomioka

    Demon Slayer Hashira
    Giyu Tomioka

    Giyu Tomioka is a disciple of former Water Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki. During his battle with Akaza, the Upper Third Moon, Giyu awakens his Demon Slayer Mark, which appears as a liquid-like design on his left cheek. When activated, it gains tremendous speed, accuracy, and stamina, to the point where it could engage in a long battle against the Upper Third Moon on level ground.

    He learns his breathing style, Water Breathing from Urokodaki. The style can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood by controlling the breathing rate. This increases the strength and agility to match that of a demon. Giyu can often be reserved as he struggles to express himself but has a kind and sincere heart.

    1. Stone Hashira – Gyomei Himejima

    Demon Slayer Hashira
    Gyomei Himejima

    Gyomei Himejima is the strongest Hashira in the clan. He was a regular blind man for the major part of his life. A demon attacks at the temple where Gyomei lives with orphan children, resulting in finding his hidden powers. The demon kills several of the children living in the temple. Gyomei becomes angry at the loss of life and fights the demon. That’s when he found out he was remarkably strong.

    The first highest moon, Kokushibo confirms Gyomei as most powerful with his physical abilities pushed to an absolute peak. Gyomei was able to fight the strongest highest moon for a short time without the mark.

    His breathing technique is known as Stone Breathing. The Demon Slayer Mark along with his physical strength and breathing technique can create the most formidable of Demon Slayers.

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