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    What Are The Devil Fruits In ‘One Piece’?

    The world of One Piece revolves around the Devil Fruits. Devil fruits are mysterious and powerful fruits scattered all around the world. These fruits are known for giving their eaters permanent superpowers and stripping them of their ability to swim. Devil fruits possess a variety of powers, ranging from downright boring to extremely destructive. One only needs to take a single bite of the devil fruit to gain the abilities and afterward, the fruit just turns into a normal disgusting to-eat fruit.

    There are over a hundred types of devil fruits and most of them are unknown and unidentified. However, the interesting part is that there is only one devil fruit of each kind. For instance, Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi which turns the eater into a rubber human. There was only one Gomu Gomu No Mi and there can be no more rubber humans. The devil fruits are extremely different from each other but some things are common. All devil fruits strip the eater of their ability to swim and all of the fruits taste disgusting. 

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    There are three broad distinctions among devil fruits-


    Paramecia Devil Fruits
    Paramecia Devil Fruits

    Paramecia is the most common type of devil fruit. Paramecia devil fruits grant their eaters superhuman powers such as shock wave generation and locking onto targets. These fruits can alter the features of a user’s body allowing them to become stretchy, split their body parts harmlessly, and more. Some paramecia fruits will enable the user to modify the body of people and objects around them.


    Zoan Devil Fruits
    Zoan Devil Fruits

    A Zoan devil fruit gives the eater the power to morph into an animal and a hybrid form of their species and the species the fruit permits. Zoans, in contrast to other Devil Fruits, is rumoured to have free will. Zoan Fruits may be incorporated into items thanks to a recently found technology, giving them life and the ability to undergo typical Zoan transformations. Zoans are more adapted for fighting as carnivorous animals.
    There are three types of zoan fruits:

    Ancient: Zoan fruits known as “Ancient” allow the person to change into an extinct species, such as a dinosaur. Ancient Zoans are extremely uncommon and seem to be more powerful than modern Zoans.

    Mythical: These zoan Fruits give users the ability to change into mythical creatures like dragons or phoenixes. The mythical Zoan creatures frequently possess extraordinary abilities, for example, the phoenix zoan produces flames that possess healing properties. Even more so than Logias, Mythical Zoans are the rarest variety of Devil Fruit.

    Artificial: Artificially produced Zoan Fruits can permanently change a person’s appearance to resemble an animal; far less frequently, a person can convert at a whim. The manufactured Zoan Fruits had a 10% success rate. The remaining 90% lost control of their emotions and were not able to express negative emotions, they were only able to laugh and smile regardless of how they felt. In addition to that, they even lost their ability to swim.


    Logia Devil Fruits
    Logia Devil Fruits

    Logia is the rarest and most potent type of devil fruit to exist. These devil fruits give their eaters the power to generate, control, and modify any natural element including smoke, fire, plants, and even darkness and light from their bodies.

    The user is unable to be touched thanks to the fundamental transformation and the eaters can control their physical appearance as well. In addition to that, the users acquire all the properties of the element, for instance, a person who ate the devil fruit that contains light will be able to move at the speed of light. One interesting act about the darkness logia fruit is that it has the rare ability to render all the properties of other devil fruits useless. Since there can only a devil fruit of each kind exists, it makes the logia more powerful.

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