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    When Will ‘Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War’ English Dub Release? Where Can You Watch It?

    The highly anticipated season of the enchantingly popular show ‘Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War’ is now airing. Even though there are now only two episodes available, the series has received an excellent 9 rating on MyAnimeList, placing it behind ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ and in second place.

    While many Bleach fans are thrilled with the caliber of TYBW, a sizable chunk of the community is impatiently awaiting the release of the English dub. The good news is that the main voice cast and the release date for ‘Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War’ English dub have just been confirmed in the United States.

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    Bleach Discloses New Release Date For English Dub

    bleach thousand year blood war
    Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War

    The dub of TYBW in the United States is set to release on November 4t, 2022, as confirmed by Hulu, the distribution partner for Bleach’s simulcast streaming in the US, in their updated November schedule. A specific release time for the English dub has not yet been shared, but is expected to be made available from 12 AM Eastern Time; in accordance with the platform’s typical update window for original content.

    Where Can You Watch ‘Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War’?

    ‘Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War’ is streaming on the Disney Plus network for anime fans outside of the United States. Although the platform has not yet revealed anything about the dub’s release, it is assumed that it will happen at the same time as the US release.

    The Thousand Year Blood War Arc is accessible on Hulu and Disney Plus, the official paid services. Depending on where they live, a person must buy a subscription to one of those two platforms. Hulu costs $8 per month for a subscription, whereas Disney Plus on Hotstar only $3.

    There are some websites where people can go and watch the anime dub if they don’t want to pay for streaming services. GoGoAnime and 9Anime are a couple of such examples. Although these websites are free, the drawback is that there are a lot of pop-up advertisements. Downloading various applications that enable you to watch anime for free and in HD quality, such as AnimeTV, Anime2u, and more is another choice for people who watch anime on their phones.

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