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    Who Is Katana Man Or Katana Devil In ‘Chainsaw Man’? Why Is He After Denji?

    The character Katana Man appears in the highly regarded manga ‘Chainsaw Man’. ‘Chainsaw Man’ has received positive reviews from critics who lauded its plot, gory scenes, and dark humor. Tatsuki Fujimoto is the author and illustrator of this manga. 

    With a few notable exceptions, devils are supernatural beings that the ‘Chainsaw Man‘ manga uses as antagonists. The plot takes set in a universe where devils are created using human fears. Devils are typically angry and vicious, and the more powerful they are, the less terror they arouse. 

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    Who Is Katana Man? 

    Katana Man

    The Katana Devil merged with a human-demon hybrid known as Katana Man (real name unknown), also known as Samurai Sword. He is the primary antagonist of the Katana Man arc. 

    The tall man known as The Katana Man has short black hair and a striking set of sideburns. He frequently sports a bulky leather coat. He transforms into a demon with enormous swords sprouting from each of his arms and a demonic face with a broad jaw without lips and dark, skinless flesh. His jaw grows pointy and another sword with a handle sticking out of the rear of his skull erupts from his forehead where his eyes should be. 

    The Katana man is cruel and self-centered. He is willing to cut through anyone in order to reach Denji, even at the cost of innocent people and even his own allies. Despite knowing that his grandfather was a Yakuza boss, he still has affection for him because, in his eyes, his grandfather was a man of principles who had only killed a few women and children. 

    The Katana Man claims to still have a human conscience despite having the Katana Devil replace his physical heart and claims that nights after killing a zombie keep him awake. 

    Why Is He After Denji? 

    Katana Man and Denji

    A Yakusa boss’s grandson who had been murdered by Denji was the man who came to be known as “Katana Man.” Katana Man has a deep personal grudge against Denji, and he does all in his power to take him out. In order to boost his might, he even merges with a Katana Devil. He is also one of the murderers who teamed up with Akane to go after the Gun Devil and get Denji’s heart back. 

    In response to Denji’s claim that he killed his grandfather because he was a zombie, he has called Denji a liar and voiced his complete incredulity. 

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