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    ‘Attack On Titan’ Creator Apologizes For Controversial Manga Ending

    Famous manga ‘Attack on Titan’ creator Hajime Isayama has finally decided to break his long silence over fan reaction to his contentious finale just days before his appearance at Anime NYC. Despite being generally praised for the majority of its run, Attack on Titan’s conclusion has drawn criticism, in part because Isayama chose to have the protagonist Eren Yeager turn completely evil and commit genocide against humanity. 

    As the popular ‘Attack on Titan’ anime adaptation based on the manga races towards its own conclusion, fans are still debating the ending’s merits and flaws. However, Isayama has now addressed the subject for the first time in a statement. 

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    Isayama On Anime NYC 

    Isayama’s ‘Attack On Titan’

    Isayama used the chance to express regret about the ending of Attack On Titan‘. He describes his ongoing concerns about how he ended the story, which causes the crowd to congratulate him for his efforts in the series which brings tears to the artist’s eyes.  

    He said, “I want to express my gratitude to all fans. I wasn’t sure how to feel about the end of the story. I was having a really difficult time and I apologize. Carrying heavy feelings, I was down for a long time, until yesterday when I met fans during the signing. Fans told me the ending was great and that they loved the ending and it made me happy and coming to New York was a great experience for me. Thank you.” 

    Attack On Titan Ending 

    Isayama’s ‘Attack On Titan’

    Eren refuses to grow from his repeated errors and selfishness throughout ‘Attack on Titan’, and his companions’ dependence on him in spite of these warning signs ultimately makes them complicit in his decision to execute genocide in their name. A conclusion that shows the failure of this strategy is only reasonable given that the story itself constantly emphasizes how acceptance of violence and seeking revenge is what keeps this cycle running.  

    The ‘Attack on Titanmanga finale undoubtedly cedes its status as one of the anime genre’s most contentious conclusions. This embodies the spirit of the anime’s concluding season, in which Eren Jaeger’s transformation into a villain was a surprise for many viewers.

    Fans shouldn’t anticipate a happy ending when it comes to the gloomy anime franchise, as the main character obtains the power of the Founding Titan and uses that power to raise an army of Colossal Titans at his beck and call. Fans should brace themselves for some major losses before the anime adaptation from Studio MAPPA concludes, given the amount of death and destruction the series has featured. 

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