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    ‘Chainsaw Man’ Mangaka Announces Break From The Manga

    On Tuesday, November 29, author, illustrator, and creator of Chainsaw Man Tatsuki Fujimoto made the announcement via his personal Twitter account that he will be taking a break from the manga. Fujimoto did not specify the duration of the sabbatical other than to say that it will start “this week or next week.”

    Most likely, Fujimoto is alluding to the publication of ‘Chainsaw Man‘ Chapter 113 in the upcoming issue, which will mark the beginning of his break on Tuesday, December 6. This information comes amid fan rumors that the show would switch back to a biweekly serialization schedule. 

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    What Is The Plot Of ‘Chainsaw Man’? 

    Chainsaw Man

    After his father’s passing, Denji was left with a hefty debt and no method to pay it off. Thanks to Pochita, a Devil dog he saved, he can survive by doing odd tasks and killing Devils for the Yakuza. Pochita’s chainsaw skills come in handy when battling these powerful beasts. After the Yakuza betrayed him, Pochita sacrifices his life to stop the Zombie Devil from killing his old employer. Currently, Denji is an odd Devil-Human crossbreed. He has evolved into the Chainsaw Man. 

    After experiencing his metamorphosis, Makima quickly recruits him to join the Public Safety Devil Hunters because they are threatening to kill him now that he is a demon. Denji struggles to define his aims and form enduring relationships while hunting devils and working with other eccentric Devil Hunters now that he is living nicely for the first time in his life. 

    ‘Chainsaw Man’ Mangaka Announces A Break From The Manga 

    Tatsuki Fujimoto is the creator of the ‘Chainsaw Man‘ manga, but he is not on Twitter by his real name. He uses an alias of @nagayama koharu, who, according to the same account, is the younger sister of the writer. According to a source close to the matter, the mangaka impersonates his sister in order to interact with his fans from a third-party perspective.

    The same account has been a trusted source of news related to ‘Chainsaw Man,’ and this is why the fans are taking this news seriously. Keeping in mind the recent announcement of ‘Chainsaw Man’ resuming its biweekly schedule, the general and seemingly endless hiatus came as a surprise to fans. 

    Why Did The Author Take A Break? 

    ‘Chainsaw Man’ has become one of the most popular anime since its release, the manga that goes by the same name is also a hit among readers. That is why fans are considering Fujimoto’s indefinite hiatus to be a very odd thing. On top of that, Fujimoto not explaining anything further about his off-time is only making it worse.

    On the brighter side, fans are hopeful that this break will help Fujimoto to tap into his creative side and steer the manga in a more interesting direction. Although Fujimoto has posted several tweets after the “hiatus announcement,” he has not clarified about the length of his break. Fans are eager and constantly trying to get an answer from the writer but he is not responding to any of these queries, leaving the fans to guesswork.

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