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    ‘Chainsaw Man’: The Connection Between Denji, Aki, And The Gun Devil Explained

    ‘Chainsaw Man’ has taken the anime world by storm. It has become one of the most popular shonen animes to date and its popularity continues to rise. Many characters have grabbed the viewer’s attention. Some of these characters are Aki Hayakawa, Denji, and Gun Devil. 

    Aki is another member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and works under Makima, Denji is a hybrid who is in Aki’s team, and Gun Devil is one of the main antagonists in the anime. Fans are curious if Aki and Denji are somehow connected to the Gun Devil.

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    Denji’s Connection With The Gun Devil

    Chainsaw devil and the gun devil
    Chainsaw devil and the gun devil

    Denji is the main character of ‘Chainsaw Man’. He is a fiend and is fused with Pochita or the Chainsaw devil. Denji himself has no outward connection with the Gun Devil. However, it is Pochita or the Chainsaw Devil that has a connection with the gun devil. The Chainsaw Devil is one of the strongest devils to ever exist. 

    The gun devil is terrified of Pochita’s ability. This ability allows Pochita to erase any devil from existence as long as he consumes their heart and flesh. By doing so, the devil is erased and hence cannot be resurrected. This is why the gun devil is extremely scared of him and wants to kill him before he gets stronger. 

    The attack on the Public Safety Devil Hunters was orchestrated by the gun devil for the sole purpose of killing Denji and by extension killing the Chainsaw Devil. 

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    Aki’s Connection With The Gun Devil

    Aki Hayakawa becomes the gun fiend
    Aki Hayakawa becomes the gun fiend

    Aki Hayakawa, like Denji, is a devil hunter and works under Makima. He is grateful to Makima and follows her rule. Denji became aware of the Gun Devil quite recently but Hayakawa has known about him for a very long time. 

    It was mentioned in the manga that the gun devil once killed 1.2 million people in the span of five minutes. Aki was quite young during that time and was playing with his brother when it happened. It was during this attack that the gun devil killed Aki’s brother and his family. He destroyed their house Aki was playing outside at the time and his brother returned to the house to get something.

    After this instance, he wanted to get revenge for his family and thus wanted to kill the gun devil. In addition to his past, Aki also became a fiend by merging with the Gun Devil. It was the merging that ultimately led to Aki Hayakawa’s death at the hands of Denji and Pochita. 

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