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    Who Is Bomb Devil In ‘Chainsaw Man’? Is She In Love With Denji?

    Chainsaw Man‘ is perhaps one of the most popular anime to come out in 2022. The anticipation and patience of the fans for the manga to get adapted into an anime have been rewarded. The anime is everything they hope for and more. The fans are loving the characters introduced in the anime, due to their complexities and simplicity.

    One of the characters that the fans loved both in the manga as well as the anime is Reze, the Bomb Devil. The reason for their intrigue is not only her personality and cute appearance, but it’s also the fact that she is a potential love interest for Denji.

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    Who Is The Bomb Devil?

    Reze in human form
    Reze in human form

    The Bomb Devil or Reze is the embodiment of the fear of bombs. She was introduced a little later in the series. She is a hybrid and in her human form, she resembles a high schooler.

    She has shoulder-length dark hair and green cat-like eyes. In her hybrid form, she resembles an atom bomb. Her face morphs into the face of a bomb. She is shown to wear a choker in the human world to hide the grenade pin she uses to transform.

    Reze is also quite prone to blushing, she blushes at the slightest of interactions and her cheeks get extremely red. At the start, Reze seems to be an innocent and kind girl. She appears to have a slight infatuation with Denji. She is also known to tease and tempt him. Her true nature gets revealed later in the manga.

    Is She In Love With Denji?

    Reze and Denji
    Reze and Denji

    That is a difficult question to answer. Reze seems to have had a bit of an infatuation with Denji in the start, but as time went on, it became apparent that she was faking all of it to get close to Denji and kill him. Her blushing, her teasing, and her infatuation were all faked. She was able to do it easily due to the gruesome military training she was put through in her life.

    She also pretended to be sympathetic to Denji over the fact that he never attended school. She felt as if they were in the same boat, but it was all part of her facade. However, it’s not all fake. Reze does have a soft side reserved for Denji. Whilst she may not love him or even like him, she does find them to be in the same boat over not being able to attend school.

    In addition to that, she showed mercy to him. At the end of the bomb girl arc in the manga, she goes to meet Denji. She goes to a cafe and wanted to agree to Denji’s suggestion of running away and then starting a life together. But unfortunately, that wasn’t possible as Makima killed her. Therefore it is safe to say that whilst Reze may not have been in love with Denji, she had a soft side for Denji and may have returned his feelings unknowingly.

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