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    10 Facts About Gun Devil In ‘Chainsaw Man’ You Should Know

    ‘Chainsaw Man’ has had some of the most amazing and complex villains in anime history. All the fiends, devils, and even some hunters are amazingly written. Some devils and fiends have made more of an impact than others. One of these devils is the Gun Devil in ‘Chainsaw Man’. 

    He has proven himself to be a very crucial character in the series. As a result, many fans are curious about the gun devil and want to gain more information. Read to find out ten facts you need to know about the gun devil. 

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    10) Gun Devil Is Not The Final Villain


    Whilst the Gun Devil is one of the cruelest villains in the series and plays a crucial role in the story moving forward, he is not the endgame. The real villain of the series is Makima and the control devil. 

    9) The Fastest Killer In The World

    Gun devil killed 1.2 million people
    Gun devil killed 1.5 million people

    The Gun devil is the fastest killer in the ‘Chainsaw Man’ universe. It was mentioned in the manga that the Gun devil managed to kill 1.5 million people all over the world within the span of five minutes. This is a testament to this killer’s speed. 

    8) Gun Devil Charges Money For Contracts

    Gun devil's contracts
    Gun devil’s contracts

    It’s well known among the fans that the devils ask for certain things when making contracts, for instance, they might ask for a body part or the person’s lifespan. However, only the gun devil asks for material things such as money when forming contracts. 

    7) His Blood Enhances Abilities

    Gun devil's body parts enhance abilities
    Gun devil’s body parts enhance abilities

    The devils drink blood and eat flesh to replenish their strengths and powers. However, consuming the blood and flesh of the Gun Devil will give them more benefits than just replenishment. Upon consuming the flesh of this devil, the powers and abilities of other devils enhance greatly. 

    6) Gun Devil Killed Some Famous Mangakas

    List of people gun devil has killed
    List of people gun devil has killed

    In chapters 75 and 76 of the ‘Chainsaw Man’ manga, a list of the Gun Devil’s victims was displayed. Many people skipped over the list, but if one looks closely, they can see the names of some very popular mangakas in the list. Names such as Hajime Isayama and Tite Kubo were on the list. 

    5) Fans Do Not Like This Character

    Chainsaw man popularity poll
    Chainsaw man popularity poll

    Everyone who is caught up with the manga, or is into the later chapters, knows what the Gun Devil did. The ‘Chainsaw Man’ manga readers are not at all fond of the character. Some hate him even more than they hate Makima. The gun devil ranked 53rd in the first popularity poll and 50th in the second one. This shows just how much the fans dislike this particular character.

    4) Gun Devil Has Certain Restrictions On Power

    Restrictions on the gun devil's powers
    Restrictions on the gun devil’s powers

    Many devils have restrictions on their power, the Gun Devil is one of them. He cannot kill anyone or anything born in the months of April, July, or October. This means he cannot kill that person by using his abilities. 

    3) He Is Extremely Powerful

    7 Devils attacking him
    7 Devils attacking him

    It was very well established from the start just how strong the Gun Devil is, but certain instances make the fans realize it again. The Gun Devil once survived an attack from seven devils simultaneously. This was done with only 20% of his body, so fans can imagine how strong he must be at 100%. 

    2) He Can’t Be Killed In ‘Chainsaw Man’ 

    Denji being told that the gun devil can't be killed
    Denji being told that the gun devil can’t be killed

    The Gun Devil has split his body into various parts. Many of these parts are in the hands of various world governments and as such, no matter how you wound him or kill a body part, in essence, the Gun Devil cannot truly be killed. 

    1) Caused The Saddest Death In The Series

    Aki and the gun fiend
    Aki and the gun fiend

    This is a spoiler for non-manga readers. The Gun Devil fused with Aki Hayakawa and became a fiend and took control of his body. After that, he wreaked havoc and caused a lot of deaths and destruction. As a result, Denji had to kill the fiend using his Chainsaw devil powers. By killing the fiend, he essentially killed Aki Hayakawa as well. This was the saddest death in ‘Chainsaw Man’ and it upset many fans. 

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