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    Does Aki Hayakawa Die In ‘Chainsaw Man’?

    Chainsaw Man has been introducing some amazing characters as the story unfolds. The fans are amazed by the depth these characters possess, even though they are a Devil, a Human, or a Fiend. The mangaka keeps the fans intrigued by the complexity of these new characters.

    However, some of the first introduced characters have built a bond with viewers and Aki Hayakawa is one of them. He is one of the main supporting characters in ‘Chainsaw Man‘ and fans adore him. However, they are curious whether he dies in the manga. 

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    Who Is Aki Hayakawa?

    Aki Hayakawa
    Aki Hayakawa

    Aki Hayakawa is a devil hunter who works in Makima’s special squad in the public safety department. He is extremely handsome and is very quiet He has black hair and blue eyes and always wears the same hairstyle, a top knot. He wears an earring and carries his sword on his back.

    Aki is a stoic person most of the time, but that is only a facade. In the start, he used to be very prejudiced against the devils, regardless of the fact that they were hybrids, however, his thinking has since been altered. This is visible in his relationship with Denji, Power, and the Angel Devil.

    Aki used to hate Denji in the beginning but as the series progressed, the two formed a bond. Aki seems very cold and detached but it is the opposite in reality. He is very empathetic and deeply cares for his comrades. He has been shown to cry when his peers die, such as when Himeno died.

    His goal, in the beginning, was to kill the Gun Devil to avenge his family, but he dropped that goal to keep Power and Denji safe. This shows great character development.

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    Does Aki Hayakwa Die?

    Aki as the gun fiend V/S the chainsaw man
    Aki as the Gun Fiend V/S the Chainsaw Man

    Unfortunately for all the ‘Chainsaw Man‘ fans and people who adore Aki, he does die in the manga.

    During the Gun Devil’s attack in Nikaho in the Akita Prefecture, Aki was killed by him. The Gun Devil was destroying villages and killing people and he turned towards Makima who was also present at the scene.

    To try and save Makima, Aki put himself in the way of the bullet and died. Makima tried to destroy the Gun Devil using her powers, but she failed and Aki got possessed by it and turned into the gun fiend.

    As the Gun Fiend, Aki started shooting people and tried to kill Power and Denji. However, Aki, the real one, was fighting the Gun Devil’s control from the inside which gave Denji a chance to kill him.

    However, by killing the Gun Fiend, Denji also killed his friend Aki Hayakawa. He is one of the main supporting characters and he dies twice tragically.

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