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    Did Makima Know The Gun Devil’s Plan In ‘Chainsaw Man’?

    ‘Chainsaw Man’ is one of the most anticipated anime of all time. The manga itself was able to grab the attention of the entire anime world, but the anime has taken the anime world by storm. More than its protagonists, the antagonists in ‘Chainsaw Man’ are attracting the attention of the viewers. 

    Two of those antagonists are Makima and the Gun Devil. They are the two most cruel and cunning antagonists in the series. The Gun Devil attacked the organization later in the manga and fans are curious whether Makima was aware of the Gun Devil’s plan.

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    Who Are Makima And The Gun Devil?

    Makima and Gun devil
    Makima and Gun devil

    Makima is the major antagonist of the series. She is a high-ranking official of the Public Safety Devil Hunter and is in control of the fourth division. Appearance-wise, Makima looks like a regular girl with red hair and yellow eyes. But her personality is anything but regular, she is the control devil and is extremely cunning. She is also very self-centered and will do anything to achieve her goals. 

    The Gun Devil is one of the major antagonists on the show. He is an extremely powerful devil and is a bit more special than other devils. By consuming the gun devil’s flesh, another devil’s abilities can be enhanced. The gun devil is also scared of the Chainsaw Devil or Pochita due to his unique and dangerous ability to erase any devil from existence. 

    Was Makima Aware Of The Gun Devil’s Plans?

    The Gun fiend killed by Denji
    The Gun fiend killed by Denji

    Makima was well aware that the Gun Devil might try and attack the Public Safety Devil Hunters. This is because Makima was aware of the Gun devil’s fear of Pochita’s ability and he wanted him dead as soon as possible. As a result, she was aware that he would ambush them. 

    The reason why Makima didn’t stop the attack was that she wanted to use it for her good. She was aware that once the devil hunters were attacked, they would fall into chaos and more people would join the fourth division, which Makima was in control of. She wanted to use this opportunity to gain more people she could manipulate into doing her bidding.

    However, some things even she didn’t know. Aki Hayakawa’s death was something she didn’t desire or foresee. Therefore this attack had some casualties for her as well. But the bottom line is, Makima was aware that the gun devil would attack, but she was unaware of the exact details. 

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