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    Who Is The Strongest Angel In ‘Dragon Ball Super’?

    Dragon Ball‘ has no shortage of strong and powerful characters. The entire series holds a plethora of characters from different planets, galaxies, and even universes. It creates a multiverse of extremely strong entities who are both evil and good.

    Although there are versions of the same people in different universes, certain creatures are omniscient and do not have versions. These creatures are very strong. one such example is the angels, there are only 12 angels in the entire multiverse. Let’s find out what exactly are angels and which is the strongest angel among them.

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    What Are The Angels?

    The 12 angels
    The 12 angels

    The angels are omniscient beings who hold a very high place in the hierarchy of creatures in the entire multiverse. Angels are assigned to a god of destruction of each universe and the angel acts as a mentor to make the god of destruction understand their duties and as a personal attendant for them.

    There are only 12 angels and they are practically immortal. Any angel cannot be killed by anyone no matter how strong they are, save for Zeno, who can kill anyone. Angels can only be killed when they violate a law from the angel code. Angels do not have many laws, but the existing ones are very strict and are to be followed by everyone.

    Angels have to be fair and indiscriminate. They cannot help nor ask for help even if their universe is getting destroyed. The angels work with their gods of destruction and once a god of destruction dies, the angel assigned to them will go into a sort of sleep mode until a replacement is found.

    All the angels are exceptionally strong but there is one who is the strongest. Let’s find out.

    Who Is The Strongest Angel?

    The strongest angel in the multiverse
    The strongest angel in the multiverse

    Grand Priest is the strongest angel in the entire multiverse of ‘Dragon Ball‘. He is the attendant and personal advisor of Zeno, who is the most powerful being in the multiverse. The Grand Priest is the first of his kind which means that he holds autonomy on how to enforce the divine decree of Zeno and the angel law.

    By the nature of Angels, the Grand Priest is fundamentally immortal. The only case in which he can be killed is if breaks a law, in that case, he will be killed instantly.

    Appearance-wise, the Grand Priest is a short angel with light blue skin and pulled-back silver hair. He is much shorter as compared to other angels, but he has an aura of superiority around him. He has a halo floating behind him rather than around his neck like the other angels.

    The Grand Priest is incredibly powerful and can use divination to figure out what exactly is happening in the multiverse. This makes him one of the strongest characters of Dragon Ball and the strongest angel.

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