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    Who Is The Strongest Pokémon Of All Time?

    With the end of Ash Ketchum’s journey in ‘Pokémon’, it seems like the viewers grew up. However, it doesn’t mean that ‘Pokémon’ itself is coming to an end. A new series featuring new protagonists and quite hopefully, new Pokémons is going to be released soon. 

    ‘Pokémon’ fans wish to know about the strongest Pokémon in the old series. It is quite usually the legendary type Pokémons who prove to be quite strong, as is seen multiple times throughout the franchise. Let’s find out who is the strongest Pokémon in the series. 

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    Legendary Pokémons

    Legendary Pokémon
    Legendary Pokémon

    Legendary Pokémon are the strongest and generally the rarest type of Pokémon not only in the series but in the game as well. Most legendary Pokémon are one of a kind, as in, they are the only one of their species. For instance, there was only one Mewtwo and only Xerneas. 

    Catching these Pokémon is the dream of many trainers in the series as well as players of the game. The Legendary Pokémon are divided into generations, each generation brings something new, but it is not always necessary that the newer generation legendaries are stronger than the previous or the older generations.

    These types of Pokémon are quite usually associated with tales and prophecies of sorts. Usually, their arrival pertains to either destruction or it means extreme good luck. The first legendary Pokémon to be introduced in the series was Ho-Oh who Ash saw flying above in the early episodes of the first season. However, it wasn’t revealed until much later that it was Ho-Oh he saw and that it was a legendary Pokémon. 

    The Strongest Pokémon

    Arceus, the strongest Pokémon
    Arceus, the strongest Pokémon

    It is Arceus who is the strongest Pokémon in the entire and out of all the generations. Arceus is a normal type Pokémon but is revered as a god amongst the trainers and other Pokémon. It was he who brought space, time, and antimatter with him when he was born and it was he who assigned Pokémons, the creation trio, to rule over them. 

    Arceus can change his type depending on the Z crystals he possesses and that makes him exceptionally strong. In addition to all this, unlike most Pokémons, Arceus can converse with humans. However, rather than speaking, he uses telepathy to communicate which is something only he can do. 

    It is also mentioned that Arceus can control other Pokémon including the legendary types and the mythical types. All of these traits make him the strongest Pokémon in the series as well as the games. 

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