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    Why Does Usui Takumi Live Alone In Japan?

    Usui Takumi from ‘Kaichou Wa Maid Sama’ is one of the most popular anime heartthrobs. Usui is the male protagonist of the series and is quite loved by the fans. His mysterious demeanor and good looks attracted many fans. Whilst the fans adore the mystery surrounding him, they wish to know about one thing. 

    Usui Takumi lives alone in Japan despite being a member of a very rich family in Britain. Fans wish to know why exactly a member of one of the most esteemed families in Britain is living alone in an apartment in Japan. 

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    Who Is Usui Takumi?

    Usui teasing Misaki
    Usui teasing Misaki

    Usui Takumi is the male protagonist of ‘Kaichou Wa Maid Sama’ and is the love interest of Misaki Ayuzawa. He was the one who caught feelings first and he followed Misaki around. Usui is very popular in his entire school because of his looks, his personality, and of course his intelligence. He is idolized by all his schoolmates. 

    Appearance-wise, Usui Takumi is very handsome. He has blond hair and green eyes. His hair, although looks spiky, is very soft as confirmed by Misaki. He generally has an expression of indifference on his face but it changes when he is teasing Misaki and turns quite cute. Personality-wise, Usui is very passive and isn’t interested in many things. He is brutally honest and although it seems like he doesn’t care for other people, that is not true. 

    Usui is also a literal prince. He is the illegitimate child of Patricia Walker, the daughter of the head of one of the most prestigious families in Britain. Although he is a member of the family, Usui doesn’t like them and pretty much rejected his English side when he adopted a Japanese name.

    Why Does Usui Live Alone?

    Usui's grandfather
    Usui’s grandfather

    Usui lives alone in an apartment in Japan and goes to a very lowkey school despite being rich. When he was in Britain, Usui wasn’t allowed to go to any normal school and was home-schooled his entire life. This is because his family was afraid that if went to a normal school, his illegitimacy would be exposed and the family’s reputation would be ruined. 

    His tutors were changed frequently because they didn’t know what to teach him. Usui is a genius and grasped the concepts very quickly. He didn’t have much interaction with his family, including his half-brother, Gerald Walker. After suffering through this mundane life, Usui decided on a school in Japan after going through a random catalog. He convinced his grandfather to let him go and he agreed because it would keep Usui away from the family. 

    Usui’s tuition and living expenses all were paid for by his family and he received a very good apartment to live in. Usui wasn’t allowed to do any part-time jobs because the Walkers were worried that it would somehow expose his true heritage and illegitimacy. Because of this, Usui’s expenses were paid for. This is why Usui Takumi lives alone in an apartment in Japan. 

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