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    Messi The Dog Joins Jimmy Kimmel’s “Feud” With Matt Damon At Oscars By Peeing On Actor’s Walk Of Fame Star

    As the curtains closed on the 96th Academy Awards, we’re left with much more than just reasons to celebrate some exceptional cinematic wins. The star-studded Oscar ceremony gave its audiences several instances to be surprised at, giggle over, and ponder over. Adding to the delight was Jimmy Kimmel, who did not shy away from carrying on with his prankster antics — this time at the expense of long-time frenemy, Matt Damon.

    During the live broadcast of the Oscars ceremony on ABC Sunday night, Kimmel took the opportunity to take yet another dig at Matt Damon. Accompanying him this time was an unexpected partner in crime — Messi, the dog actor from ‘Anatomy of a Fall. Here’s what happened that left Matt Damon embarrassed and the audiences in stitches amid the Kimmel-Damon banter.

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    Messi The Dog Joins Jimmy Kimmel In Banter Against Matt Damon

    Jimmy Kimmel (Credit: X)
    Jimmy Kimmel (Credit: X)

    The star-studded Oscars night in Los Angeles got an unexpected twist when cameras captured Messi, the dog actor from ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, relieving himself on Damon’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star. In a video that soon went viral on social media, the dog can be seen lifting his leg over the star before sauntering away.

    Many were quick to speculate if Jimmy Kimmel had orchestrated the canine prank against his long-time rival Matt Damon. And he might just have confirmed those speculations.

    The incident added a flavor to the ongoing “feud” between Matt Damon and the host of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘, which dates back to 2005. Kimmel hat at the time humorously claimed that they “ran out of time” to feature Damon on his late-night talk show, despite never having met him.

    In a recent CNN interview leading up to the Oscars, Kimmel couldn’t resist poking fun at Damon once again as he joked about his absence at the awards ceremony. Matt Damon was noticeably absent from the Oscars this year though he starred in the highly acclaimed ‘Oppenheimer’.

     “He is not nominated for an Oscar. He was in Oppenheimer. Everyone else was nominated except for him,” Kimmel sad, as he poked fun at the ‘Good Will Hunting‘ star. Addressing Damon’s no-show, Kimmel said, “What really happened? He couldn’t get a ticket. It’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. He asked if he could come and they told him, ‘Sorry, nominees only.'”

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    Kimmel-Damon Banter Keeps Audience Entertained As “Performer Of The Year” Messi Drops In

    Messi the dog from 'Anatomy of a Fall' (Credit: X)
    Messi the dog from ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ (Credit: X)

    The Damon-Kimmel banter has been a staple of entertainment for almost two decades, with occasional pranks, jokes, and playful jabs at each other by the two actors. During his opening monologue at the Oscars this year, Kimmel paid a loving tribute to Messi, praising the dog’s performance in ‘Anatomy of a Fall.

    Messi, who, even though he’s a dog, may have given the performance of the year,” Kimmel joked, bringing to notice the canine’s standout scene in an apparent dig at Damon. “Messi has an overdose scene, if you’ve seen it you’ve known it. It’s incredible,” Kimmel added. “Honestly I haven’t seen a French actor eat his own vomit like that since Gérard Depardieu.”

    Messi has become a popular sensation this awards season, as he attended several events like February’s Oscars luncheon. Kimmel even shared a video on Instagram of him testing out monologue jokes on the talented canine before the big night.

    While it is not certain if peeing on Damon’s Damon’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was Messi’s choice or Kimmel’s plan, the audience definitely had a hearty laugh from the incident.

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