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    50 Cent Net Worth 2024, Career, Awards Wife, Kids, House, And More

    Name 50 Cent
    Age 47 years
    Occupation Rapper
    Source Of Income Music
    Net Worth $40 million
    Residence Houston

    The famous American rapper 50 Cent has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. His expertise did not restrict him to music as he is also an established actor, television producer, and entrepreneur. From starting to rap in his friend’s basement to rapping on a huge stage, 50 Cent’s journey has been interesting.

    The receiver of 86 awards and 135 nominations, 50 Cent is a well-known name in the Hollywood industry. Over the years, the ‘Candy Shop’ singer has collaborated with many famous artists like Justin Timberlake, Eminem, and Ed Sheeran. But even after being bankrupt, 50 Cents is still one of the richest rappers.

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    50 Cent’s Net Worth

    50 Cent
    50 Cent

    The American rapper, television producer, and businessman, 50 Cent’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. During his career, his overall net worth was estimated at least $260 million from the sales of various albums, records, and several brand partnership deals.

    Unfortunately, Cent spent an awful lot of his money on his lavish lifestyle, real estate, and cars. On top of that, the bankruptcy pushed him further down the sinking hole and he ended up with huge debt. In 2019, ‘The Best Friend‘ singer’s net worth was estimated at around $180 million.

    Awards And Accolades

    50 Cent won 83 awards
    50 Cent won 83 awards

    In 2002, he was discovered by rapper Eminem and signed to Interscope Records. His debut album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ earned him a Best New Artist nomination at the 46th Grammy Awards. The second album ‘The Massacre‘ earned him five Grammy nominations and six Billboard Music Awards. His third album, ‘Curtis’ made him the Best Selling Hip Hop Artist at the 2007 World Music Awards. In 2005, he won the Pop Music Award for ‘In da Club’ and ‘P.I.M.P’.

    Relationships And Kids

    50 Cent with his second son
    50 Cent with his second son

    Although the American rapper is not married, he is the father of two kids. He was in a relationship with Shaniqua Tompkins before he made his rapper debut. The pair date from 1994 to 1998. Their relationship lasted for four years and the couple have a child together, Marquise Jackson.

    ‘In Da Club’ singer later dated model Daphne Joy with whom he had his second son, Sire Jackson on September 1, 2012. He met the model and influencer Jamir Haines on the rapper’s show ‘Power’. The couple has been in a relationship since August 2019.

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    50 Cent’s Early Life

    Curtis James Jackson with his grandmother

    Born as Curtis James Jackson III, he was raised in the South Jamaica neighborhood by his mother Sabrina who was a drug dealer. Unfortunately, his mother was shot when he was eight years old, he was raised by his grandmother after that. At the age of 12, Jackson started dealing with narcotics and in 10th grade, he was arrested for attempting to bring drugs into school.

    In 1994, he was again arrested for selling cocaine to an undercover police officer and was arrested again when a police search of his home uncovered heroin, crack, cocaine, and a pistol. He got his big break when Eminem discovered him in 2002.

    50 Cent’s House

    50 Cent’s villa

    When Mike Tyson went bankrupt he had to sell a handful of his assets and unfortunately the first thing to go on the market was his Connecticut home. 50 Cent immediately brought it for $4.4 million. The house has  21 bedroom home and a vast variety of activities to offer with two pools, multiple game rooms, two basketball courts, a nightclub, and more.

    But it was expensive to maintain, 50 Cent paid $65,000 for the mansion’s maintenance every month. Due to the high maintenance cost, Cent decided to sell the house on the market for $18.8 million which was finally sold to US businessman Casey Askar for $3.1 million.

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