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    60 Years Old Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez Makes History After Being Crowned Miss Universe Buenos Aires

    The beauty pageants have been affairs of young women. However, recently a 60-year-old lawyer and journalist, Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez breaks this stereotype as she wins the title of Miss Universe Buenos Aires.

    This all happened after the Miss Universe Organisation removed age limits for the contest. Earlier, to participate in the competition, the age limit was between 18 to 28. But from last year, anyone above 18 can enter the contest.

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    Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez Set To Represent Buenos Aires In The Miss Universe Argentina Competition

    Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez Argentina
    Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez (Image via FIrstCuriousity)

    After bagging the title of Miss Universe Buenos Aires, with her youthful looks, Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez is now eyeing up to grab the Miss Universe Argentina title. If Rodriguez manages to do so, she will represent Argentina in the Miss Universe World contest in Mexico.

    She said, “I think the judges saw my confidence and my passion to represent the women of my generation. I am determined to fight for the crown of Miss Universe Argentina 2024. Beauty has no expiration date, to be beautiful you just need to trust yourself and be authentic.”

    After winning the Miss Universe Buenos Aires title, Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez said, “I am very excited and honoured to have won the Miss Buenos Aires 2024 title. I want to show all women that beauty has no age and that we can break barriers. I trained physically, worked on my confidence, and improved my skills on stage. I wanted to show that female empowerment has no limits.”

    Before this, Rodriguez revealed she had only entered one beauty pageant. She entered one contest when she was 17 and became the “First Princess”. She didn’t compete in any beauty pageant after that.

    Alejandra Reveals The Secret Of Her Youthful Looks

    Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez (Image via FIrstCuriousity)
    Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez (Image via FIrstCuriousity)

    Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez is a fine woman and maintaining herself this perfectly way past 40 is commendable. When asked about the secret of her youthful looks, Rodriguez revealed that she eats healthy food, and works out three times every week. She also claimed to practice intermittent fasting.

    Rodriguez said, “When you get older, you have to take better care of yourself to maintain yourself. I always did physical activity and tried to eat healthy, but lately, I became interested in natural nutrition.”

    During an interview with ‘Rock And Pop Radio,’ Rodriguez revealed that she got divorced many years ago and jokingly said this might be the reason for her looks. She is inspiring many women to adopt this more healthy lifestyle and enter this new “paradigm of age”.

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