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    What Are The Benefits Of Winning Miss Universe?

    Everything you need to know about the title and benefits of winning the Miss Universe.

    Miss Universe is the most sought-after beauty pageant that many women aspire to achieve. It is an annual pageant conducted by the United States and Thailand-based Miss Universe Organization. With an audience of over 500 million, it is one of the most-watched pageants.

    It is one of the Big Four international beauty pageants in the world. So it’s obvious that winning it will have several benefits. Over the years, a lot of winners from different countries have won the crown and have availed of the benefits. So let’s find out about that.

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    Benefits Of Winning Miss Universe?

    Miss Universe
    Miss Universe

    When it comes to benefits, a Miss Universe gets $250,000 in prize money. She also gets a luxurious apartment in New York for a year which she has to share with Miss USA. All the facilities from groceries, food, and cooks to clothing, accessories, and transportation are given by Miss Universe Organization. 

    They can enjoy the luxury of traveling the world in a plane provided by the Organisation. She has to travel to different parts of the world to raise awareness about various issues and perform charity work. Hotels are also taken care of. They also get to work with the best photographers in the world to build an entire modeling portfolio. A Miss Universe also gets to attend several events and even become a part of the jury of other modeling competitions. 

    Moreover, she has the access to exclusive parties, screenings, and events and she is always accompanied by her stylists and makeup artists. They also get a year’s supply of clothing, jewelry, makeup, hair products, heels, shoes, etc. Additionally, she can also access jewelry from the Crown’s brand. In this case, Mouawad’s jewelry will always be available to her.

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    Who Wins The Title?

    Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu
    Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu

    A Miss Universe is chosen out of 80 contestants. The jury questions the contestants on several topics and based on their answers, they are qualified for the next round. These questions test the intelligence and awareness of the contestant. 

    In a world that is progressing towards its betterment, both these aspects are necessary to test. Without proper awareness of their surroundings, Miss Universe will never be able to make the best use of her abilities. 

    Apart from winning the title, they also get access to a fair share of benefits and responsibilities that ultimately make them a better person. However, there has been criticism of these pageants as they reduce women to their physical appearance.

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