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    A New Report Suggests Henry Cavill Might Walk Along Dwayne Johnson At San Diego Comic-Con

    Getting through the curse of the global pandemic, finally, San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is all set to happen once again after two years. This means that the iconic Hall H panels will also return along with a pack of surprises for the fans. But this time fans are much more eager to see what Warner Bros. and Dwayne Johnson have in store for them.

    Dwayne Johnson has snatched all the attention recently with his announcement to appear at Comic-con this year. But the question lies, is it just Dwayne’s Rock or there is more! Guess what, a new rumor is ruling the media right now that says The rock can be accompanied by Superman actor Henry Cavill in the grand fest this year.

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    The Mixture Hits Hard

    Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavil
    Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavil

    On April 11, 2021, an idea was floated that Henry Cavil will appear in a planned cameo as Superman in a ‘Black Adam’ post-credits scene. Over a year later, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teased a Henry Cavil cameo in Black Adam. Some of the fans thought of it in a more generalized way but the hint was pretty obvious.

    The announcement was quite a boast and anticipations started to stir among the fans. Will Henry Cavil come along with Dwayne Johnson in SDCC? Does that mean Rock spilled Henry Cavil as Superman in Black Adams? Is Henry’s Superman back again? Fans flooded social media with their curiosities.

    Well, If Rock and Superman appear together on the stage of SDCC, then there is no chance for others. Marvel Studios could drop their X-Men and Fantastic Four movies at SDCC. However, Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill would drown out the MCU noise.

    Will This Scenario Be Favorable For Dwayne Johnson?

    Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavil
    Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavil

    The grand entry of Henry Cavil is no doubt gonna be a blast. But it might bring some red flags as well for Dwayne. Henry Cavil is pretty much capable of attracting all the eyes on him and just him. And that might be no good deal for Rock.

    Black Adam has never had a live-action TV series and neither that he is a member of the Justice League. For Dwayne, this year’s SDCC is a golden opportunity to build the Black Adam brand from the ground up. Most people will see Black Adam for The Rock as a comic-book anti-hero they’ve never seen before. So eventually, Henry Cavil who will surely take the attention away, might have a negative effect on Dwayne’s Rock.

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