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    A Trump Supporter Claims Jim Carrey Is Impersonating The US President Joe Biden In His Absence

    Joe Biden won the presidential elections in 2020 claiming the position of his predecessor Republican Donald Trump. During the campaign, the entertainment world also milked content from the presidential race. Saturday Night Live too had sketches running about the election campaigning. Jim Carrey played Joe Biden in those sketches. People praised the performance of the actor. However, after almost 2 years, a conservative, Trump supporter has claimed that Joe Biden is dead and Jim Carrey is ‘one of the several actors taking his place.’

    Jim Carrey Reacts To The Absurd ClaimsJim Carrey

    Jim CarreyThe Truman Show actor wasa little too convincing playing Joe Biden in SNL sketches. On Tuesday morning, Jason Selvig, the one from The Good Liars duo, posted a Twitter video where he is interviewing a MAGA and Trump supporter. The Good Liars duo are famous for their satirical stance on Politics and claim to become “the voice of 1%” The woman was standing with a man wearing a Trump hat and blue glasses. 

    In the video, Jason asks them, “You think Biden is not alive right now?” The woman responds, “The guy that’s doing the stand-up job of trying to wake people up is an actor wearing a mask.” As of writing, the video has garnered 3.5 million views. She reveals, “I mean, there’s several different people playing Joe Biden at this point.”In 2021, there was a video of Joe Biden ascending the stairs of Air Force One and staggering three times. 

    The unnamed woman constructed a theory that it was Jim Carrey! She continued, “When he fell up the stairs going on the airplane… I myself think that was Jim Carrey. I’ve heard that he was one of them.” In another statement, she claimed that James Woods is also one of the “doppelgänger mask-wearing people.” Jim Carrey replied to Jason’s video with, “Oh dear :^•”

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    Nishant Bhise
    Nishant Bhise
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