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Al Pacino vs Robert De Niro: Who Has Done Better Work?

Let's settle this debate once and for all.

Two of the greatest actors of all time Al Pacino and Robert De Niro have dedicated their entire lives to the cinema. They both have come to the stature where having them in a movie raises the expectations. So in this article, we will finally settle the question of who is the greatest: Al Pacino vs Robert De Niro. 



De Niro and Pacino both have many accolades and awards under their belt. But the one that matters the most to the people is the Oscars. Although getting an Oscar does not mean that you are the best on the field. 

There are many actors who have received no Oscar to date but all their movies are huge successes at the box office. 

As far as their awards in relation to Oscars are concerned, Robert De Niro has two Oscars up his sleeve and Al Pacino has one. The former had one award for Raging Bull and the other for The Godfather 2 as a supporting role. Al Pacino won for The Scent of a Woman (1993). 



Who can ever forget the duo in The Godfather series? There has never been a better cinematic experience than watching this great duo together. Heat, The Irishman, Righteous Kill are just some of the movies they have done together. 

As far as their individual movies are concerned, Robert De Niro has done a lot more movies than Al Pacino. This article will never be complete for the entire list of movies honestly. De Niro’s acting style is more astute and his facial expressions mostly do the talking. 

De Niro has acted in around 120 movies whereas Al Pacino has only acted in around 6 films. This number of films will never act as a point of decision because they all are cinematic in their own way. 


This is not to say Al Pacino is not a great actor, he was a legend in all the films he has acted in. The audience was overjoyed to see him in The Irishman as part of the crime movie again. He outdid himself and honestly that is exactly what the audience was missing. 

Acting Styles 

Al Pacino is a famous method actor who wholeheartedly devotes himself to one particular film and the character he plays in it. Since he follows a particular style of acting that has shaped, he identifies emotionally with the character. 

Very rare actors are able to reach this style of acting and do justice to it. The audience too connects emotionally to such roles as they are able to relate to the character. The acting style becomes so convincing that it almost makes you adhere to the same style that the actor carries. 


Al Pacino does it so well that he is usually called the Godfather of Method Acting. 

Robert De Niro is another actor who follows the same style and he took Method acting to another level. For his role in Taxi Driver, he learned how to drive a cab and even got a cab license. Similarly, for his role in The Godfather 2, he learned Italian and lived in Sicily to prepare the part. 

Martin Scorcese’s film Raging Bull became famous due to De Niro’s obsession and passion with gaining weight to complete the look of his character. He even underwent rigorous training for his role as a boxer just to show the real thing to the audience. 


Such devotion to acting, characters, and films is rarely seen by the actors. That’s why, both their films set them apart from the entire Hollywood. 

Final Verdict 

It is extremely difficult to compare both the legends who are extraordinary in their work and abilities. Yet we have to reach a conclusion. Weighing everything that we have discussed so far, personally, Robert De Niro will always remain a favorite. 

Although we keep them on the same pedestal yet there is just something about Robert De Niro that always sets him apart. In the debate of Al Pacino vs Robert De Niro, the latter wins.