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    All The Ways Kendrick Lamar Claims Victory Against Drake In His Recently Released ‘Not Like Us’ Music Video

    Just when you think it perhaps would not go any further, the ongoing feud between rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar sees an interesting twist. While Lamar has already beaten Drake to take home the Best Male Hip Hop Artist at the 2024 BET awards, he is not shying away from taking another dig at him.

    Kendrick Lamar dropped the ultimate music video of his infamous Drake diss trackNot Like Us‘ on 4th of July. The song received has already received heavy acclaim and love from fans. Lamar has seemingly played a master move by releasing the music video to the track that is an ultimate answer to Drake. 

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    The Symbolic Opening Scene Of ‘Not Like Us’ Music Video

    Kendrick Lamar
    Kendrick Lamar

    The much awaited music video of ‘Not Like Us‘ by Kendrick Lamar was dropped on the auspicious eve of July 4, and managed to garner 10 million views on YouTube in just a few hours. It is as if to claim his victory as the ultimate GOAT with the video.

    While fans are speculating if this is the ultimate end to the ongoing Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud, many are also eager about a crisp response from Drake. 

    The video of the song starts with a snippet of Lamar’s unreleased music. Then Tommy the Clown, whom you may recognize from the rapper’s Los Angeles ‘Pop Out’ show on Juneteenth, asks Lamar for the password to enter a door. Lamar replies with the song’s opening whisper: “I see dead people.”

    This is a nod to the fact that Drake has already lost the rap feud and that he’s dead to Lamar. 

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    Kendrick Lamar Takes A Dig At Drake Through Owls

    Kendrick Lamar breaks a owl pinata
    Kendrick Lamar breaks a owl pinata

    Kendrick Lamar did not miss the opportunity to use an owl effigy to poke fun at Drake, as the ‘Hotline Bling‘ singer uses an owl as the logo for his music label, OVO Sound. In the video, Lamar beats an owl-shaped piñata with the caption, “Disclaimer: No OVHoes were harmed in the making of this video.” 

    This is the first scene in the music video that uses owls to take a dig at Drake. At another point in the video, Lamar is standing menacingly in front of a real barn owl. Later it is revealed that the owl is trapped in a cage.

    Kendrick Lamar Addresses Drake’s Allegations To Childhood Friend 

    Demar Derozan
    Demar Derozan

    The surprise cameo of NBA star Demar Derozan — who used to play for Drake’s beloved hometown team, the Toronto Raptors — is a masterstroke by Lamar. This is sure to rile Drake up.

    Drake had accused Dave Free, Lamar’s close friend, to be the father of one of his children. Lamar has addressed these issues in the video too. The 37-year-old rapper also put all accusations of his souring friendship with Dave Free to rest. The video ends with a bombshell credit that reads, “Directed by Dave Free and Kendrick Lamar,” thus discrediting Drake’s allegations. 

    Kendrick Lamar Addresses Allegations Of Being Abusive To Wife 

    Kendrick Lamar with wife and children
    Kendrick Lamar with wife and children

    In Drake’s ‘Family Matters’, he accused Lamar of being abusive towards his fiance Whitney Alford. Although Lamar had not spoken out about this earlier, he answers back in his music video. 

    In the video there’s a point which shows Alford joyfully dancing around the living room with Lamar and their two children — a subtle answer to Drake’s accusations. The scene implies that the family has nothing but love for one another.

    To conclude, Lamar has done an absolute sass job with the video of a track that he already successfully used to slam Drake.  

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