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    Watch: Will Smith Brings The Rapper In Him Back With Debut Performance Of His Single ‘You Can Make It’ At The BET Awards

    Will Smith’s career stagnated for more than a year after the infamous Chris Rock slap incident. After the controversy, the actor stopped getting any offers, and he reportedly did not accept the ones that came his way.

    Though he emerged as an acclaimed actor over several years of his career, vey few know that Smith started his career as a rapper in the late 1980s. Though he achieved modest fame with the project, his love for music seemingly persisted. Will Smith is going back to his roots as he has debuted his new song ‘You Can Make It’ at the BET Awards 2024.

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    Will Smith Debuts His New Single ‘You Can Make It’ At BETA Awards

    Will smith

    Will Smith set the stage on fire (quite literally) at the BET Awards 2024 this year. Though his acting has seemingly seen a stagnant patch since the Oscar slap incident, the actor-turned-singer is back with a bang as he debuted his new single ‘You Can Make It’ live at the BET Awards in Los Angeles.

    Smith started the performance at the center of a burning stage with his inspirational song. The song went off with some inspiring lyrics, stating, “You are in the smoke and the fire / Tight rope on the wires / I see you’re broken and tired / And all your hope is expired / You’re just done with the change and the games and the shame / And the world is insane all the pain from the flames that you walk through.”

    Will was also later joined by Kirk Franklin, Chandler Moore, and a Sunday service choir group as he performed and burned the stage with his performance. ‘The Pursuit of Happyness‘ star concluded his performance with a message saying, “Nobody gets an easy ride. We all have a cross to bear, but there is wisdom in that fire. And every single moment of your life is a brand new opportunity. We are not being punished; we are being forged,” he added. “Dance in your darkest moments,” he added with a punch.

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    Will Smith’s Electric Energy Sends Waves Through His Audiences

    Will Smith performing his new single

    A week ahead of the awards ceremony, BET announced Smith as a secret performer just before the the release of his new single which dropped on June 28. “From his start as a rapper to The Fresh Prince to being a box office king as one of the Bad Boys, Will Smith is truly a global icon, and we are honored to welcome him back to grace the BET Awards stage”, Connie Orlando said in a press statement ahead of the Sunday show.

    Will Smith’s comeback has seemingly left a bigger impact than the setback of his Oscar slap controversy. He is moving with what he has done in the past and is trying to be humble and patient with his career. Or so his fans think.

    While the actor received some heavy backlash after the controversial incident, fans are now appreciating this change for good and hoping for a brighter career for him ahead.

    Before reaching the heights of acting, Will Smith made history as the first rapper to win a Grammy. Under his rapper name, The Fresh Prince, he and DJ Jazzy Jeff took home the best rap performance for their 1988 hit, ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’. And now the star is back to remind the world just how talented he is.

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