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    Will Smith Recreates The Infamous Oscars Slap Incident In ‘Bad Boys’ 4

    Will Smith has made his comeback with a bang as reviews are flooding in for his performance in ‘Bad Boys 4‘ with Martin Lawrence. One scene, however has caught the attention of everyone where Smith apparently recreates the infamous Oscar incident that happened with Chris Rock.

    Smith was boycotted from Hollywood after the incident, following which he got cancelled by fans on social media and suffered losses in the films as well. After all that, this action packed film feels like a fresh breath for the actor, as mixed reviews make their way to the film post release.

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    Will Smith Recreates His Oscar Slap Incident In ‘Bad Boys’ 4

    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence
    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

    In a scene from ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die‘, Will Smith’s character Mike Lowrey receives repetitive slaps from Marcus Burnett, played by Martin Lawrence. The scene is now being dissected as being a direct reference to Smith’s infamous Oscar slap incident.

    In the pivotal action sequence, Marcus, the detective partner of Smith’s Mike, repeatedly slaps him to break the spell while he is in the middle of a panic episode. The cheeky scene generated audible reactions from the audience, who drew comparisons with the Oscars slap.

    Speaking to Variety, Owen Gleiberman called it a “direct reference” to the Oscars moment. He writes, “It’s ‘punishing’ Smith, making cruel fun of his transgression, and just maybe, in the process, allowing him to crawl out from under the image of it.”

    With the film’s release, people are now having conversations about Smith’s comeback and if he should be forgiven for the assault.

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    What Is The Infamous Oscars Slap Incident About?

    The Oscar slap incident
    The Oscar slap incident

    The Oscars in 2022 saw one of the most infamous incidents in the history of the award show as Will Smith walked on stage and slapped host Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

    The incident attracted worldwide attention as Smith got cancelled over social media for the assault, while many also attacked Jada for the incident. After the initial blow of hatred passed, a number of celebrities commented on Smith’s action, giving multiple views. While many believed that Smith had to suffer for his actions, many were of the opinion that he deserved to be forgiven. Nevertheless, he was banned from attending the Oscars for ten years and issued public apologies to Chris Rock.

    Post the incident, Rock has done multiple bits on it, often criticising Smith and taking jibes at him. As for Will, he has remained apologetic ever since and has tried to get back to acting and earn fans’ support once again. Though his last film ‘Emancipation‘ faced some backlash, here’s hoping ‘Bad Boys 4’ will do the trick.

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