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    Watch: Martin Lawrence Fans Are Worried About Him After Will Smith Assisting Martin To The Stage During The Promo Release Of ‘Bad Boys Ride Or Die’

    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back with the highly anticipated ‘Bad Boys Ride Or Ride’, as Will Smith’s return to Hollywood is finally happening. He has been going through a lot in recent years. But it seems, Martin Lawrence is also not keeping well.

    During the promo release of ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die‘, Will Smith was seen handling Martin Lawrence on the stage. The following incident raised concerns among the fans, that Martin is not well.

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    Martin Lawrence Seemed Unwell During The Promo Release

    Still from 'Bad Boys'
    Still from ‘Bad Boys’

    Bad Boys Ride Or Dieis the most awaited movie after the Will Smith incident and the iconic duo of Martin Lawrence and Will has received a good amount of raises. During the promo release of the movie, something seemed off with Martin Lawrence.

    During the video (embedded below), Will Smith is seen handling Martin Lawrence as he seemed to be unconscious or dizzy. Martin was waving at the fans and the sun was directly hitting his face. Then, later he turned his back and Will turned to him.

    Fans started raising their concerns towards their favorite actors. It could be due to the direct sun and he felt dehydrated. While on the other hand, some said, that he could be drunk as well.

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    Fans Raised Concerns About Martin’s Health

    Martin Lawrence and Will Smith
    Martin Lawrence and Will Smith

    After the video reached the fans, they raised their own views about the video and Martin Lawrence’s health. Here are some interpretations:

    One of the fans said that it looked like a stroke or something as he seemed unconscious. While some instead of looking at the health aspect thought that Martin was just high and enjoying his time. It could be the delight of the promo release.

    Martin Lawrence is a celebrated actor and fans love him with their whole heart. And it was seen through their well wishes for the actor. We all hope that Martin is keeping well.

    With the promo release and the excitement, ‘Bad Boys Ride Or Die‘ is all set to release on 7 June 2024.

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