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    Will There Be ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Season 2 After A Smashing Season 1 On Netflix?

    Sandman spin-off series, Netflix’s ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ debuted almost a week ago and took its viewers on quite a journey. The show had 22.2 million hours watched and 3.1 million views. Starring Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland as the titular detectives, the story revolves around a supernatural and mysterious death while the characters avoid their deaths as well. 

    The first season of the series was a hit and fans can’t wait for another season to come. Even though the first season just came in, there are already speculations about the second possible season. Here’s what the showrunners have to say about it.

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    Is ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Season 2 Happening?

    Still from the show
    Still from the show (Image: Netflix)

    The show Dead Boy Detectives‘ was developed by Steve Yockey and Beth Schwartz as co-showrunner. The show explored realms and paranormal cases with a few teenagers solving the mystery and fighting the evil.

    Yokey and Beth Schwartz are already looking for a season two for the ‘Dead Boy Detectives‘. While talking with Deadline, the showrunners are optimistic about a season two, because there is no end to the story yet. There’s a lot of things to explore.

    Yokey said in the interview, “I think there’s not a limit that we found yet to how far we could go, but that’s a very brash answer.” He further continued,  “I would say we’ve had some really, really good conversations about what a second season would look like. The cool thing about the show is because it has the overriding season arcs but also a case of the week, it has the kind of legs where it can just keep going. So, we hope we get that opportunity“.

    Both the showrunners are ready for season two and they’re excited to go back to London and re-shoot the show. Schwartz said, “Just all the fun and the new dynamics that we could explore in Season 2 would be really, really exciting for us.”

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    The Plot Explained

    'Dead Boy Detectives' Season 2
    ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ (Image: Netflix)

    ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ made its way onto the small screen and was successful in capturing the hearts of the audience. The story revolves around the ghosts of two friends named, Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri) and Edwin Paine (George Rexstrew), who were killed at a boarding school and were later joined by a group of best friends, who spent their time solving the mysteries.

    They are later joined by psychic Crystal Palace (Kassius Nelson) and her roommate Niko (Yuyu Kitamura) who helps them with their mysteries. The story feels like a good addition to the Sandman universe. The series received a great response from the audience and will be reprised for a second season.

    Dead Boy Detective‘ is available on Netflix.

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