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    Who Is The Most Powerful Endless? What Is The Rank Of Dream King?

    Netflix’s ‘The Sandman‘ is the live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel of the same name. The 75-issue comic series, whose first issue was published in 1989, follows the story of King Morpheus who is captured by a mortal to gain eternal life. The dream realm is in shambles because of his absence, and after finally getting out of his captivity, King Morpheus, or Dream, as he is known, returns to reign his kingdom again.

    Dream also has siblings, called ‘The Endless‘ who are anthropomorphic beings, just like him, ruling their own separate realms. The DC comic series has seven ‘The Endless’ siblings are Dream, Death, Destiny, Destruction, Delirium, Desire, and Despair. As their name suggests, they personify the core non-human aspects of nature and have sovereign control over these entities which make up the universe. As ‘The Sandman‘ is finally streaming on Netflix, many are wondering who is the most powerful Endless sibling.

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    What Are The Powers Of The Endless Siblings?

    The Endless Siblings of Netflix's The Sandman
    The Endless Siblings in Netflix’s The Sandman

    The Endless are controlling their own realms, which means each sibling has mastery over a certain kind of entity. Dream is the third eldest sibling who controls the dreams of human beings. Like all of his siblings, he can shapeshift and teleport. Moreover, Dream can alter reality. Death is the second eldest sibling who has the supreme power of guiding mortals after their death. She doesn’t take them to another realm but makes them accept that they’re no longer alive. Through her powers, she can locate spirits on Earth. Destiny, who is the eldest of all, has infinite knowledge of each and every mortal’s past, present, and future. He knows every minuscule detail that makes this universe. Delirium is the youngest sibling who rules over sanity and madness. She keeps changing her forms according to her mood. Desire and Despair are the second youngest, and also twins. Desire is androgynous and genderless. Their realm rules over the emotional and physical desires of the mortals and also the feelings of satisfaction. They are very powerful and often called the most malicious of all the Endless siblings. Despair, on the other hand, rules over feelings of hopelessness and sadness. She is a reminder to the mortals that sorrow, too, is important in life, which helps them grow and mature. Destruction is the most interesting Endless sibling of all, who was the ruler of the ruination on Earth, but left his responsibilities willingly as he saw man’s advancement in science and technology, which created weapons of mass destruction.

    Who Is The Most Powerful Endless Sibling?

    Who is Death in Netflix's The Sandman?

    The power levels of Endless depends on their age. Destiny is the eldest sibling, while Delirium is the youngest. The older the Endless, the more powerful they are. However, even being the second eldest, Death is assumed to be the most powerful Endless of all. Delirium, the youngest, is the weakest of all, at rank 7th. She rules over an abstract realm of sanity and madness. Despair and Delirium, the twins who are opposite to each other in all ways, be it their physicality or the physical incarnations of emotions they rule, are on different ranks when it comes to power. Desire is more powerful than Despair, and can be ranked as the third most powerful Endless. Meanwhile, Despair is on the 6th rank. Desire sows the seeds of want in mortals and ensues chaos whenever they like. Destruction has left his post and doesn’t rule his realm, but even in his idleness, destruction still follows the mortals and the planet Earth. If his absence is this powerful, what would be the power he’d yield once he returns to his kingdom? Therefore, Destruction is the 4th most powerful Endless sibling. Destiny, the knower of all, is the 5th most powerful Endless sibling. He has been away from the quarrels between the Endless siblings and is merely an observer.

    What Is The Rank Of The Sandman?

    What is the rank of power of The Sandman amidst the seven Endless?
    The Sandman

    Dream is the embodiment of creation because dreams aren’t restricted to the images we’ve in our mind while sleeping, but it is also the dreams of better lives, the dream of creating art. The Sandman controls the very element of creation, and indeed, he is powerful. The realm of desires and dreams is very similar, but since Dream is a less intricate and nebulous dome, therefore, he gets a higher ground than Desire. It is no puzzlement then that Dream is the second most powerful Endless.

    Ironically then, Death is the most powerful Endless in ‘The Sandman‘ universe. Her happy, cheerful, and bubbly aura can deceive one into believing that she wields the utmost power amongst all the seven Endless.

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