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    ‘The Sandman’ Actor Tom Sturridge Isn’t Proud Of His First Acting Gig. Here’s Why

    Tom Sturridge has been receiving praise these days for his portrayal of Dream of The Endless / Lord Morpheus in the Netflix adaptation of ‘The Sandman‘. The English actor has also acted in films like ‘Being Julia’,Like Minds’, and ‘The Boat That Rocked.’ He has also been nominated for the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play.

    But just like many, the 36-year-old actor also started out small. He has done projects that were not very good. He is especially not proud of his first acting gig. Tom, despite having an impressive filmography, likes to distance himself from his first ever acting job for some reasons.

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    Tom Sturridge Is Not Proud Of His First Acting Job

    'The Sandman'
    Tom in ‘The Sandman’

    Tom Sturridge must be very proud of the praise he has received for portraying Lord Morpheus in Netflix’s series ‘The Sandman.’ It is the first adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s eponymous comic book.

    But the journey hasn’t been easy for the Tony Award-nominated actor who is not very proud of his first acting credit. His first official acting role was in the 1996 TV miniseries ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ where he played Tom Gulliver, son of the main character.

    The ‘Sandman‘ actor however doesn’t count it as his first role; the show was directed by his father. In an interview with The Guardian, Tom said: “I wasn’t a child actor. It was just three weeks of my life when I was 8.

    He further added: “My dad just needed a child actor, and it’s a scary responsibility to bring a child into the film world where they might potentially be lionized, adored, and abandoned to it by their families. My dad knew he would still be my dad when the filming stopped.”

    ‘Sandman’ Receives Widespread Acclaim

    'The Sandman'
    ‘The Sandman’

    Neil Gaiman‘s ‘The Sandman‘ was in the process of getting adapted for years. The show was finally green-lit and it has received favorable reviews.

    Neil has talked about the times when he refused previous adaptations of his comic series. “I had refused to get involved,” Gaiman said of previous adaptations. There were several projects with stars attached to them at various points in time.

    The author explained, “I’d refused to write them; I refused to be the executive producer. I wouldn’t do it because I knew that if I did, I would lose the only power that I had, which was to be able to speak out against a bad Sandman movie.”

    Gaiman continued, “Fortunately, Sandman was just too expensive for anybody to justify making. And if you’re trying to make a Sandman movie, the first question is, what do you throw out? Because Sandman, by the time it was finished, is 3,000 pages of comic. So what is your movie then?

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