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    ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’: Cast, Plot, Trailer And Release Date Of Will Smith And Martin Lawrence’s Film

    The ‘Bad Boys‘ movie franchise has a huge fanbase given its unique story and plotline, coupled with an impressive cast. With the perfect combination of comedy, thrill, action, and more, the movie is a light watch with a buddy cop narrative.

    So far, three films in the movie series including ‘Bad Boys‘, ‘Bad Boys II‘ and ‘Bad Boys For Life‘ have been released. A fourth installment is all set to release with more thrill and action. As the trailer for ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die has been released, fans are now eagerly waiting for it to hit the screens.

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    All About ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ Plot And Trailer

    Still from the trailer
featuring Will Smith / Sony Pictures
    Still from the trailer featuring Will Smith / Sony Pictures

    Bad Boys: Ride Or Die‘ revolves around the adventures of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as detectives working in Miami police department. The official run-through of the movie goes by: “Bad Boys are back with their iconic mix of edge-of-your-seat action and outrageous comedy but this time with a twist: Miami’s finest are now on the run.”

    The three-minute and five-second trailer is filled with thrill, humor, suspense, and everything that you would expect from a Bad Boys franchise. The preview opens with Will Smith (Detective Mike) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Miles) at a convenience store.

    Being a typical Bad Boys movie, the trailer starts with some action. Marcus ends up at a gunpoint in the store but they manage to get out of it, thanks to their clever maneuvers.

    They later also discover that their former boss Miami PD Capt. Conrad Howard is covertly involved with narcotics traffickers. The pair also receives a video message from their boss claiming that he is dead, and asking them to clear his name from this drug-peddling issue.

    The primary takeaway from the trailer is how they find the evidence while dodging cops, gunfires, explosives, and a lot of action.

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    Cast And Release Date Of Bad Boys: Ride Or Die

    Bad Boys: Ride or Die /  Sony Pictures
    Bad Boys: Ride or Die / Sony Pictures

    The fourth installment of ‘the movie ‘Bad Boys‘ brings back the original characters including Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, and DJ Kahled, along with new faces like Eric Dane, Joyner Lucas, and Loan Gruffudd among others.

    Fans are anticipating some stellar action and comedy from the fourth installment of the movie because of the track record of its predecessor. Besides, Will Smith is making a big screen comeback after his Oscars 2022 Chris Rock incident.

    Will Smith fans are therefore extra excited for the film, as the actor might make his comeback with a blockbuster. ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ will be available in theatres on June 7.

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