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    Will Smith Reveals How Gruesome ‘Emancipation’ Shoot Led To His Emotional Breakdown

    Actors often undergo a miraculous physical and mental transformation for a film. The media often highlights this dedication, hardly talking about the dark side of his endeavor. While preparing for his movie ‘Emancipation,’ Will Smith admits to taking things to the extreme while trying to make an engaging drama.

    Will Smith recently talked about getting panic attacks during the film’s making. The Academy Award winner played ‘Whipped Peter’ in the slavery drama film last year, taking method actor too far. Despite the pain, the ‘Independance Day’ actor has no regrets about the experience.

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    Will Smith On Experiencing Anxiety Attacks During Filming ‘Emancipation’ 

    Will Smith in ‘Emancipation.’

    In an emotional conversation with Kevin Hart on the talk show ‘Hart To Heart,’ Will Smith got teary-eyed remembering his experience on the set of Emancipation.’ He had real chains on while filming to get into the character’s skin, but it took a toll. The experience, however, strengthened his religious beliefs. 

    Smith told the comedian, “I went too far in ‘Emancipation.’ Just bringing it up, I start to get teary. I wanted to feel the degradation of slavery, and I went too far in. That level of human brutality…I had the chains on my neck and we were working,”

    The Oscar-winning actor added, “I wanted the real weight of them. I wanted real chains. They put it on my neck and they were fitting it for size and the prop master went to put the key in and it didn’t work.”

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    Will Smith Admits Hollywood Fame Ruined His Family Dynamic

    Will Smith (middle) regrets bringing his family into the Hollywood spotlight.

    Parents love their children and wish them all the best in their careers. But Will Smith may have gone overboard while wanting to share his stardom with children. He talked to Kevin Hart about becoming too selfish in launching Jaden’s music and acting career. Alas, the kids gaining autonomy came with negative consequences.

    The ‘Men In Black’ actor admits his guilt, telling the comedian-host how his children’s early successes created a rift in the family. Smith realized bringing his family into showbiz created an unpleasant feeling, an experience he likens to “leaving scorched earth” behind. It made him aware of needing to put family ahead of career.

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