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    Is ‘Bad Boys 4’ Happening With Will Smith? Storyline Explored

    While action films are loved by the audience, ‘Bad Boys’ is one such universe that is possibly ignored in most of the lists. Directed by Michael Bay, the first two films were loved by the public, they were not praised by the critics. However, they turned out to be profitable projects in terms of box office collections.

    The third film was confirmed a long time ago but budget issues and other problems led to numerous delays with the film being released in 2020. While the third film was also a commercial success, people have been eagerly waiting for the fourth installment despite Will Smith’s controversy related to the Oscars 2022 slapgate with Chris Rock.

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    Fourth Film In ‘Bad Boys’ Franchise Is Confirmed

    A still from Bad Boys II

    ‘Bad Boys 4’ was confirmed by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in January 2023. They revealed the news on social media by posting a video. The video featured Smith coming to Lawrence’s residence which was a hint that he is about to reveal something big to his followers. The song Shake Ya Tailfeather from Bay Boys II started playing in the speakers.

    When he reached Lawrence’s home, Lawrence opened the door and asked Smith, “It’s about that time?” They confirmed the same together and continued, “It’s official y’all. Bad boys for life, baby!” Will Smith held up his four fingers seemingly hinting that the fourth film might be titled ‘Bad Boys 4 Life.’

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    What Will Be The Plot Of ‘Bad Boys 4’?

    A still from Bad Boys For Life

    The main focus of ‘Bad Boys’ has always been a drug bust that has been blended with the best action sequences. The producers have not revealed anything about what they are planning to bring to the audience, we can still expect that the premise will be similar to the other three films.

    In the credits scene from ‘Bad Boys For Life’, Armando Aretas aka Armando Lowery is still around and he might play a bigger role in the upcoming film. Portrayed by Jacob Scipio, it was revealed in the third film that Armando is the son of Mike Lowery. The character has killed a lot of people and is currently in jail but he will possibly enter negotiations and help Mike with a case.

    Armando grew up under the guidance of the wife of a drug lord and became an assassin for a Mexican cartel. So he has the information about all the international criminal enterprises and ‘Bad Boys 4’ will possibly show Lowrey and Marcus trying to deal with a new criminal organization.

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