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    Will Smith Reveals What Annoys Him About ‘Bad Boys’ Costar Martin Lawrence

    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are set to share the screen together in the highly anticipated film Bad Boys: Ride or Die‘. The two have been close friends and onscreen partners for decades, and yet some grievances haven’t escaped them.

    Like any other pair of co-stars, Smith and Lawrence have some complaints against each other, which they revealed while promoting their upcoming film. Here’s what the stars said.

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    Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Reveal Their Annoyances With Each Other Ahead Of The Release Of ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’

    Martin Lawrence and Will Smith
    Martin Lawrence and Will Smith

    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will soon grace the screens with their much-celebrated chemistry.  Other than being a hit on-screen duo, Smith and Lawrence also share a friendship off-screen — but not without its own quirks. Smith and Lawrence recently shared some amusing insights into their working relationship during the Los Angeles premiere of their movie.

    In an interview with PEOPLE, they discussed the little quirks that occasionally get on each other’s nerves. “He likes to rehearse all the time,” Lawrence said of Smith.

    Unfazed by the complaint, Smith took it sportingly and responded, “That’s funny. I definitely like to…”. Smith also revealed his pet peeve about Lawrence, his longtime costar. “It’s not a hate, but there’s a fun quirk that makes me laugh about Martin all the time. He never takes two sips out of a water bottle,” he said.

    He drinks the whole water bottle in one go, every time. It’s like, ‘Yo, man!’” Smith added, to which  Lawrence jokingly responded, “That’s because I can’t babysit water.”

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    ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ Suffered Heavy Delay Because Of SAG-AFTRA Strikes

    Still from 'Bad Boys'
    Still from ‘Bad Boys’

    Despite these minor annoyances, the duo reflected on their friendship and professional relationship, which started with the first ‘Bad Boys‘ movie in 1995. The fourth part opf the series, ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die‘ will hit theaters on June 7.

    The project faced some challenges, including a halt in production due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. However, its production wrapped up in March 2024. Smith and Lawrence both talked about the challenging journey and agreed that the most difficult aspect of filming was dealing with the delays caused by the strikes.

    We got shut down in the middle. Double strikes — writer strike, actor strike — right in the middle of the movie,” said Smith. “We wanted to finish the movie really bad. We knew that we were making something special, so trying to keep it all together during that time was difficult,” he added.

    Smith acknowledged that the forced downtime ultimately benefited the film, allowing it to “ripen” and improve.

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