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    “I Rented A White Mercedes Convertible”: Will Smith Recalls Being Terrified During His Dream Date With THIS Rapper In The 80s

    Actor Will Smith, who is under the spotlight for controversies now and then, has opened up about one of his past relationships. Though the actor is now married to Jada Pinkett Smith and has children, he recalled how he was smitten with this one celebrity and always wanted to ask her out.

    The 55-year-old actor never had the timing right, as this celebrity he had a crush on was always in a relationship. But he finally had a chance this one time, and what happened next is a story worth listening to for Will Smith’s fans.

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    Who Was Will Smith’s Dream Date?

    Will Smith and Pepe Delton (Image: Getty)

    The lady of Will Smith’s dreams was none other than Sandra “Pepa” Delton of Salt-N-Pepa. During what he referred to as his “one and only date” with Sandra during the 80s, Smith said he was “terrified”. He was speaking with the ‘Class of ’88’ podcast earlier this year when he opened up about this date.

    Smith said that he had been smitten with Denton for years, but the timing was never right as she was consistently in a relationship. But this one time in the late 80s, he got his chance when both of them were supposed to be in LA.

    Now, she was single,” he recalled. “We was both going to be in LA at the same time, so I’mma shoot my shot.”

    To impress the “Whatta Man” hitmaker, Smith went all out and rented a white Mercedes convertible. “This girl was special and I wanted to impress her, so I rented a white Mercedes convertible just because I needed to floss a little bit,” he continued.

    The actor detailed their 1988 outing, mentioning how they talked for hours and then cruised to watch the sunset on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. Though he comes up as a confident man, Smith said he was not so sure about himself during the date. “I always faked like I had game. I didn’t really have game,” he said.

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    Why Didn’t Will Smith And Pepa’s Romance Work Out?

    Will and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith (Image: Shutterstock)

    The Oscar winner said that trying to win Pepa over might have been the most terrified he had ever been. “I was always in this full-on, trying to give the wildest flavor of having game, but that might have been the most terrified I had ever been trying to shoot my shot with Pepa. And I didn’t believe I had a real shot,” he added.

    Meanwhile, Pepa has a different version of the incident to share. The 57-year-old rapper recalled how she was impressed by a touching moment when Smith gave $100 to a homeless person during their date. “It was so nice. And then we went to the Hollywood sign,” she said in one of her video clips of a podcast on Instagram.

    However, when Smith recalled the same moment, he said he did that because he was scared. “My concern was that I was going to get killed,” he said. “That was my concern when I was trying to spit my game, but I ain’t really have nothing.”

    After that date, the romance between the two fizzled out though they “always really got along.” While Smith got married to Jada Pinkett Smith in 1997, Denton was briefly wed to rapper Treach from 1999 to 2001.

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